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Funny G.W.O.T. stories

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posted on Apr, 17 2008 @ 01:07 AM
Alot of soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen have some very funny stories of events that occur in war zones and I think we can share them.

***Just a reminder to obey the T&C of ATS***

I'll Start it off.

One day while on patrol in Iraq, my squad came across a suspicious person. when this person saw us he started acting jumpy and decided to turn around and walk the other way, when that tactic didn't shake us off his tail he decided to try the old hiding in the bushes routine. Luckily, we had been at this patrolling thing for a while and had seen that one before. So, when we caught up to this guys hiding spot (for all of you bleeding heart types- we didn't take off running, screaming, and waving our weapons at this guy, he didn't have a weapon), we told him he had to stop, and we started questioning him (in Arabic) about what he was doing. Well, we found some bank documents in his pocket that didn't belong to him, and it was about this time that this guy decided that the Arabic we were speaking no longer sounded like Arabic. He just started saying "no English mister.....mister no English." So, right about now we were getting a little frustrated! My squad leader figured that this guy was not telling the truth and that we need a little encouragement to tell the truth. The answer was that the guy need to see the "writing on the wall"...several times.... very quickly.... After, one of our guys introduced him to the wall the first words out of his mouth were "mister why have I made you so angry?" ---- That was a shock to say the least, just beautiful perfect English with little accent.

So, I turn to the little group talking to our new freind and say "Holy Sh** beat the English into him!"

AHH, good times.

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