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The Great Oil War

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posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 08:20 PM
This is the way I see things......
We are positioning our selves for the BIG war that which has already started.
WW3. "The Great Oil War" has begun
Iran wants and needs to become a super power as soon as possible if they want to stand a chance and seems to be playing their cards very well. They need to be dealt with as soon as possible for, our ultimate enemy is China/Russia.
China's Economy is scary huge and is quickly gaining on us when it comes to oil consumption. We have already began "Peak Oil Production" worldwide. peak oil production Wikipedia China is very aware of this as is Russia and the other powers. China/Russia is not going to allow us to just take control of all the oil. And, China/Russia has the power to stop us dead in our tracks and they will try. The scary thing is they might succeed. I wonder what they are waiting for? maybe they are waiting for us to be weakened a bit by our coming conflict with Iran.
There's a bigger picture to be looked at here. The fact is Iran wants to be a Superpower It wants free rain over its nuclear ambitions and is ultimately aiming for control of the middle eastern region.

Do you think oil hungry USA is gonna allow this? Nope.

Do you think oil hungry China/Russia is gonna allow the united states to take over the region and all the oil? Nope.

SH%$ is about to hit the fan over there and I mean big time. N Korea is going to help China and Russia will join them. But, here this: "The Great Oil War" has began and has yet to show its bloodiest side.

There is a bigger plan known only by the elite few and all we can do is take a side, take a look and watch it unfold.
It seems what people are underestimating is this HUGE oil crises. We have reached "Peak Oil Production" China's thirst for oil is HUGE don't underestimate their will.
As we are strategically placing our selves in the region and setting up camp. China/Russia is watching. Remember a wile back when China shot down our spy satellites? And China has also hacked into The Pentagon computers...........This is only the few things they DO tell us.

Here is a good analysis Why the USA can't leave Iraq

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 10:10 PM

It seems what people are underestimating is this HUGE oil crises.


posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 10:25 PM
Yeah, this is true. The SuperPower that controls the Oil will have the NWO government sought out by each current and rising SuperPower.

It is brewing the perfect storm. On one hand, you have an extremist Iran looking to have Muslims rule most of central Asia (first step is to elminate Isreal as a Jewish state).

You have the US wanting to forward the NWO agenda by the Elites. A 'lite' form of Communistic government if you will.

Then you have China brooding in the East looking to forward Chinese Hemogany with a more heavy-duty type of Communism for their NWO installation.

China is using Russia until is no longer needed and then will work on obtaining any Western Russian Oil fields.

India is checkmated with Pakistan. If this big Oil war does occur, and certainly will in some form or another, many countries will be neutral while the US and allies (Japan, Germany, Australia, GB) are pitted against NK, China and Russia (at first).

As China keeps building up, the closer this war is coming to be. The US built up Japan's economy in the same manner before WWII and took two Nuclear weapons to officially end that war.

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by jetxnet

Thanks for your input jetxnet, I think one of my other threads might interest you...World Three Is On The Horizon[

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