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Ufos And Goverment Controled Thinking

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 05:00 PM
I've been thinking alot on this matter of late, and cant help but think that governments try to control our thinking towards ufos.
Take Roswell for example,
something crashes, it hits the paper headlining UFO.
Then it's a weather balloon, then a super secret weather balloon etc
All this then gets the public thinking, is something being hidden.
Then snippets arise, from photos, personal accounts, even videos of autopsies etc. Then the growth of the internet gives access to more, and newly released documents accounting ufo incidents.

All this keeps us intrigued, but still it's denied.
I heard a while back about weoponising space and the way to do it is by saying there is a threat from outerspace(aliens).

Surley If we have been getting visited by Aliens from at least as early as roswell and they were a threat, wouldn't they have tried something by now?

So maby all this denial us to keep us all thinking and in some cases for some people frightened. And when the government releases information what it wants to release, it has it's excuse to weoponise space.

Thats my ramble over with if you didn't fall asleep and got through, cheers.

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