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The Knewledge Corner

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 03:06 PM
Welcome to the Knewledge Corner where facts, truths, or principles we have made our minds re-aware of get expressed for comments or questions.

It's as uncovering the grand cover up by uncovering what's already left somewhere in your mind's whirlwind of ancient judged understood infomation.

There should be a such word as "knewledge" added to the dictionary because right after you know something you no longer know it, you knew it. You cant actually keep knowing a same fact, truth, or principle as though it's all fresh to you all over again in some everlasting way.

Therefore we are very knewledgeable. There are more things knew by us than what things we know during our now moment. Knowing is half the battle because knewing is the other half.

Technically, you dont know your ABCs, you knew your ABCs. We are in the knew more than are in the know to this battle called life. You get up and take a shower, put some clothes on, tie your shoes because you already knew how, not know how.

You cant know what you knew at any time because the judged understood information cant be classified as rejudged reunderstood information if it's left all so the same within/to you. Only thing you're doing is having your mind make re-aware by re-surfacing what you infact knew. Thus -ing can go onto knew for the word knewing.

There are things that were knew and plus there are things that are "still" knew. Dont ever get it twisted.

The core reason you wont know of that day and hour heaven and earth shall pass away wrote about in the Gospel is because that day and hour is knew already. It just gets uncovered within/by you where the kingdom of your Father is Who will have/let you uncover its detail because your Father is as you each.

Anyway, more to the topic, any of you knew all about good defined as evil to the time defined as times (such as the beginning and the end) of the world defined as worlds?

O, and my take on the tree of knowledge of good and evil is this: Dont eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil because its frontin' as something to make you foolishly believe you haven't ever knew of everything already. It's like someone trying to make you know something you knew, after somehow what you knew got removed or blocked. That kind of tree seems to set a person forth to having to know things step by step when they should have kept themself bright in what all they knew that they had come to life with. That eating of the tree made it so one would have to think they'll surely die when actually they will always surely live, which they would have knew at least until they had chosen to eat of that good defined as evil tree of knowlegde.

On another note: Hmm, no wonder why I was told Pac "knew" about them (the astral projectors) by the most High as I thought I were the only person... It's because that detail which is already there in the mind in no matter which world, that just becomes unblocked after leaving particually this world, means it's all put back to 'have knew' things. We live to come back into an all-knew format. Few in this world while every person in the next world.

Some say if they knew everything they'd be bored. I find that hard to buy because if you knew sex you're not going to go "that's boring because I knew it"...Naw, you're going to proceed to get more of that which you knew because you want to experience a feeling it comes with again and again. Etc. If you knew what all tasted good you would surely taste those things all the more on other times when you feel like it and/or are hungry.

So the Game of Life is to be fruitful with what in all you knew. You last have to realize what you knew first. The first shall be last, the last first.

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 03:26 PM
Who is responsible for the grand cover up of knewledge is every man, every, the angels of heaven, even the Son, and (and: expect) the Father in part!

That day and hour is of knewledge, not of knowledge. This is about what you knew, not know.

What you kneweth will register in mind once the clouds of heaven the Son comes in scatter into zero. The Son must be set at zero, anyone remember? Let me state you knew why.

[edit on 8-4-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Apr, 11 2008 @ 08:32 PM
The problem here is in the premise. The verb "to know" does not imply that one is necessarily thinking, at any given moment, about whatever it is that they had learned. It only means that the information has now been encoded into the memory for later retrieval. Being able to access said information at any point thereafter is what constitutes knowing.

And then, from there, we can get terribly esoteric by remembering that time is only a product of this third dimension, and in "reality," everything is happening NOW (and has already happened). So "knowing" anything, from this point of view, becomes rather irrelevant.

But yeah, I hear ya.

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