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Possible Evidence for Civilization In the Hale Region of Mars?

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 11:05 AM
Here I have a few more images from the Hale region I feel represent why there may have been a civilization present there at one time. You will not find the same pictures that were provided via Joe Skipper (although no disrespect to him) and a couple of these you may have seen before in a prior thread of mine. However because they are in the Hale region, I will be including them here as well. Thanks for looking……….

For the next few images, I’m not including the entire MOC strip but just a few cuts from it. From the first half you can gauge how small the area in question is. I did not circle or highlight it. But the close-ups are included below. I feel you’ll have no problem trying to ascertain where they are located on the image itself.

The following image, I feel will draw heavy opinions in regards to what we are seeing. Some might say rocks. Some always do…. I personally feel that what I’m seeing is another face laying on the floor of the crater again staring face up into the Martian sky. But this time the details aren’t so clear (as in other anomalies –see below). And if you look above the face and to the sides on the walls of the crater or terrain it would seem like there are some structures.

Here is the original cut, untouched – it is located on the bottom of the first image (from above). In this image, because of the contrast of ice (I’m guessing) the details are very hard to make out – but you can see there is something there….

Here, I flipped the image the image to negative and look at that! 

And here I was able to remove the shadows….. (diagram added below as you can see)

Well, pretty self explanatory if you were to ask me, but it looks to me like a statue/monument either has fallen and has been partially buried or possibly intentionally built in this position similar to other anomalies…

For those who might not be able to see the head or make out its shape in the martian terrain, here you go with the sleeping Buddha for a small comparison. I used the sleeping Buddha for the resemblance of the headpiece.

To the left of the face (our right) is what appears to be some structure. Here is a comparison using an untouched version with my enhanced/retouched version.

So there you have what I’ve been able to find I feel might be the best evidence so far to support the idea that an intelligent civilization had once inhabited the Hale Region. These are only two areas so far but I’m confident with some more digging through imagery we might be able to find more. Opinions welcome, civility a must!


posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 09:28 PM
Continue your work.

Personally i don´t see anything conclusive in the pics, 1st one seems to show a triangular figure, but the overall frame seems interesting.

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