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Ever since 9/11 everything has been moving more pro Middle East?

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posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 04:45 PM
When 9/11 occured we read that the Saudi's that should have been questioned got away, with flights out of America with no questions asked.

Christianity has been rendered as offensive to other cultures, mainly Muslims getting a free speech ride to say they our own culture and beliefs offend them and we bow down to that. Thier intollerance gets the nod of hyprocracy.

Since the war in Iraq in England and America began turning our streets into an Orwellian Big Brother state, finger print scans at air ports, detectors every where and cameras and old people being questioned and stopped regard of logical thinking whilst a wanted terrorist gets away hidden in an Arabic Vail with no questions. You wonder if Iraq has swapped with England as a free society.

Since the Twin Towers fell, you find that Dubai are building the worlds largest Building, which British and American ingenuity with science and technology all gained in the West is helping out strip the American pride of building the tallest building in the world to be set now in the Middle East.
Imagine hearing that after 9/11 people would not agree to it no matter how much money was to be made.

Also another thing to question is the new President Candiate of America
as in Barack Obama.

Briefly the article link suggests if Barack Obama can he be trusted with the background of having once been a Muslim as boy whilst probably been taught that lying is okay in the name of Islam if it will help promote or destroy the ememy. His Christian Church attendences that accept him accept Muslims into the Church as a his cover and are anti Isreal aswell. This last part is some exposure of Barack Obama and I wonder why America are dicing with a possible inside threat. After 9/11 if people were in the same mode of thought would you have voted for him back then?
It seems like suicide once again by the Americans and I wonder if that is what they want and maybe the ellite have plans for this as many on here know too well why. Either way Hillary is not much better and people are afraid of her too.

Does this observation hold truth or is it paranoia that 9/11 has on us all?

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posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 10:09 AM
Okay seems like another post people have not replied to, guess it was posted late on sunday, which is not always a good idea.
But does anyone else see the connections here?

Bush and Saudi Arabia are making some type of secret partnership I feel, guess its about Oil and construction. We are helping them build cities and sky scrapers with our technology. America is now going to rebuild Iraq it seems, what are they thinking? Moving countries or something and leaving the people in America to be desposed of? You wonder if they are really human after all, both sides seem to benefit from each others mess they created. Problem action solution is what conspiracy theorist say.

posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 04:44 PM
Since 9/11 the BBC have made their own Arabic version and so has a German news channel done the same. I do not understand this sway, is the West interested in Arabic affairs so we can lurch in and grab and sell to them for money? Or are they grabbing hold on our culture and changing us? I can not tell the difference really, I wonder if America sold it self to the Arabs and destroyed the paper work in 9/11 because the America is running out of oil? It could be that I don't see much difference in the case. They destroy Iraq, rebuild round it, claim it as theirs and America sells it self and the people to the Arab world.

Babylon =America? Maybe Iraq is American, they own it just about and that will be the new super power of selling its oil. I don't think the American governement cares about America that much, they will allow the Mexicans to run riot, give them more rights than their own people and let willy nilly anyone one through blindly to create another disaster. America will be hated the world over, no one will defend them and they will be sold under the noses of the people. The new Orwellian society should suit fine how Iraq was once under Saddam with people being oppressed even to speak up against the leaders or Governements.
Call it the big shift of power from moving house almost like.


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