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Men with 'highly sensitive' cameras arrested at airport

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 06:44 PM
Now, I know there is a big hoopla out there that a lot of people are capturing UFO's or Military Secret spy satellites or spacecraft by using the infrared or ultraviolet spectrum.

Now all of a sudden there are arrest that are being made at the airport for supposed"Using them for military purposes" which sounds weak. Because China has a surplus of money in the trillions right now.

If they wanted this bad enough, I am sure they could easily get it from the Russians or French. I know the names "Johan Lenard Walson" and "Jose Escamilla" is not too popular here at ATS or most of their forum members, but could they have been on to something?

Read This Story on CNN

Try to keep an open mind before you all start blasting me, I am just trying to fit the pieces together. This is just speculation of mine.

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 01:14 AM
I don't think the "military purposes" reason is weak. These cameras, can they see through walls? And so, if you wanted to - hypothetically - snipe someone through a wall, this camera would help? Stick one at the end of a rifle, and you don't need to wait until a window to find and hurt someone.

China has trillions of surplus money, but maybe these guys don't have as much. Maybe they are hopping back and forth, not going into Russia or France - because they would stick out too easily? Maybe their passports won't let them? I don't know. So they get the cams, and bring them back, and... reverse engineer them?

Why didn't they just send the cameras through FedEx instead of by courier? Possibly to stop a potential search. And they don't want to be searched because... if their own government might confiscate the cameras through the mail, well, they have to live by their own government's rules, but it looks like they might be trying to avoid that. And, as guests, they have just learned how much the locals hate the airport searches these days. Sorry they had to lose so much; should have done a trial run, but they didn't have the money for frequent trips, because it went into the cameras, I'm guessing. Not exactly a hobby; they need these cameras, for what I don't know.

If it isn't for education or scientific research, then what is the reason for something that can see heat and ultraviolet? There are only so many answers to knock off until it goes to military, or something sneaky-and-deadly related. Let's not forget that China and America are friends via money, not politics. America is just looking out for her own.

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posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 11:15 AM
My guess is the men were taking the cameras, which cost 5k each, back to china to reverse engineer them and get the prices down to around half that cost.

Some items cannot be legally shipped internationally, likely these cameras fit that category as well, so the men may have been sent by whatever Chinese company to get some samples. Typically several samples are needed for differnt testing to occur, as well as for different groups to simultaneously work on the cameras technology.

I wonder what the name brand cameras they were...anybody have any speciifc familiarity with IR cameras that cost 5k each and are 2" x 2" in size?

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