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aint gunna work on the NWO's farm no more

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posted on Apr, 3 2008 @ 10:55 AM
hey everyone, long time reader first time poster.
I came across ATS a couple years ago now and have always been lurking around since, mainly because i love the different views and ideas expressed here on these boards.. conspiracy theories are tantalizing for sure.. but, a thought occured to me the other day that inspired me to actually become a member.

Everyone here has a theory on something. If theres any issue in todays society, whether real or perceived, you can be sure that ATS will have threads about it with everyone pitching in their own version of what they see the truth as, and a lot of it is anti-government, anti-NWO etc. Now, all these people who do research into how the "NWO is coming to enslave us" and the nefarious means they employ to gain control over us, arent these people doing the research for the NWO themselves?? Think about it. How better to come up with plans, troubleshoot them, tighten up loose ends, and gain insight into the mentality of those they will be have to fight against than to have them work it out for them? for free even??? I consistently read threads where people say 'all the PTB have to do is this or this' and they have our control, and then people debate it and whittle the argument down to a fine point. which someone could very well use to stab you in the back with.

all the NWO or PTB or whatever have to do is ride on the coattails of moral, righteous outrage against a restriction of rights (perceived or otherwise), which isnt uncommon during times of war anyways, thro out some info/disinfo and make themselves seem like a real, looming entity which should be easy enough for todays culture of people raised by drama, fiction and the now biological-need for entertainment., and let the people figure out for themselves the easiest way they would be dominated and controlled. and i mean it used to make me laugh, and now it makes me sad, that every third post on here is from someone whos scared or frightened about the topic and sure that the end is near.
Which, by the way, is what most people on here preach, that the government tries to rule us through fear... and here we are, doing their dirty work for em...
(not that this will be my first and only post or thread for that matter on ATS. i have screwball theories like the rest of you!!

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