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The goose that layed golden egg's.....

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posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 10:35 AM
There was once a goose named Shobama that layed golden egg's.
Not just any egg but magical golden egg's.

One day the goose decided to run for president of the geese.
Shobama was difffrent than any other goose they saw he was a light caramel brown colored goose.
And Shobama was paranoid about it......becouse the other geese and gander running against him was white geese.

See the problem was white geese was into slavery and used other color duck's and geese for laborer's. BUT there has been no slavery for close to a hundred year's.
over 5 to 12 generation have passed very few white geese care about color anymore.
And the white geese feel they don't need to apologize for something they or there great great granddad might have done.they have nto doen it and never will do slavery.
Do german geese all apologize to every jewish duck they see?
Do the egyptian duck's apolagize to the jewish duck's?
Does every american apolagize to the Native american's?
Every time we see them.
The white geese would say...................

Well This made the caramel geese mad..
Shobama surrounded himself with other caramel color geese in church.
The geese in church would swear and say it was white goosevilllle's fault
there twin tower's got blowed up....the chickhen's are comign home to roost he shouted....And "God Da_N ....Goosville "
they would shout and go praise god.........Amen rev daffy!!!they would say...
The preacher goose rev daffy . would go on for a hour on how the white Geese cause there feather's to fall out....Conspiracy Conspiracy the Rev.daffy would shout!!!!!!
Hillary Mclinton was never called a Ni_ _A.. rasict slur's every where.
They would slap rev daffy ont he back good speech good job preach it preach it.......they congregation would say...

Then the New's found out and broadcast rev daffy on youtube..
SHobama tried to lie to the people...i never heard Uncle Rev daffy say any of those thing's before in 20 year's.....
Shobama relized he needed the white geese Win

Then 3 day's later he give's a speech all say was historical abotu race and how it's tearing gooseville apart......
And rember he said he never hear uncle Rev.Daffy speak that hate before...
Say's to the goosville and world................
I sit in church and listened to alot of Rev.Daffy's speech's......I did not agree with Some of it....
He lied and came out stronger.......
He laid a magical golden egg.......

Key word SOME of it..

Then his strongest gander running for president against him named Hillary Mclinton.
Said ok team........He went to church used race against us.....
I will do the same.She was a white gander. and didn't think it woudl hurt anything.
Well her Preacher Rev.Jerry Clueless...
started preaching......
Caremel geese and duck's started the outbreak that cause's our feather to fall out and become pillow's...
Trying to get evn for for what our great great great white grandad geese did.
Then Rev.Clueless went on to preach how the carmel duck's need to repay the gooseville gverment for quackstamp's and Wic and free health care...
The Rev.Clueless said shobama was never called a Honky aka Cracker.....
For falling in love with a caramel gander.
They then broadcast hillary's preacher to help her boost rateing's....more vote's for her she thought...
Well she now became a rasict for going to that church....and none voted and they gave shobama the vote's.

And the moral of the story is .
Fogive and forget...................
Not hold on and hate....................
peace and love to you all.

sorry i was bored u can move else wear you knwo what this story is realy

posted on Apr, 4 2008 @ 03:19 AM
There once was a thread about geese,
Written with so much caprice
That the lines were malformed
And my heart was un-warmed,
Though it claimed to be all about peace.



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