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How do I separate my lapse in perception and incredibly vivid deja vu with genuine pre-cognition?

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 04:54 PM
It happens a lot less now, but when I was a few years younger, I would often have dreams that seemed to directly and very accurately predict the future; from full conversations to important events, with no pattern in time - some would predict something happening one or two days in the future, others would be months ahead.

However, it is not always clear to me that I am not experiencing deja vu; when these events do occur, I will at first have a heavy sense of deja vu, and then realise/remember that this has happened in a dream. However, I do seem to lose a lot of my perception of reality when this happens; I'm so thrown by this heavy duty deja vu that I tend to have trouble distinguishing what I have dreamt and what is actually happening, and therefore cannot be sure if this lapse in perception somehow causes me to believe I have dreamt this.

This had gotten so bad that I would then have trouble distinguishing which is dream and which is reality to a point where the two events seem to become one due to the huge accuracy and correlation, or even I would swap one with the other; before snapping out of this lapse I would sometimes consider that I was dreaming now and this event had already happened, and upon regaining a sense of where I was I would realise this was not the case.

This still happens, with the same accuracy to this day, albeit much less frequently, but I am never sure if the feeling is just deja vu, and I trick myself into believing I have dreamt this, or if I have genuinely dreamt it; it seems the only times when I can be sure if I genuinely saw this beforehand is when it really doesn't matter, like, for example, detailed yet useless foresight of unimportant conversations.

Is there any way of disgtinguishing between or seperating genuine pre-cognition of events, and a huge lapse in my perceptions, causing me to somehow create this memory of a dream?

And, taking this further; how is it possible for anyone to know? How is it possible to distinguish between this huge breakdown in the perception of reality and real paranormal foresight?

Any information, help or even advice would be very appreciated, thanks.

I am new to this board; I have read most of the posting rules, and I think this definately qualifies as an acceptable thread, but if I've done something wrong I apologise.

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 05:57 PM

Originally posted by Qayin
And, taking this further; how is it possible for anyone to know? How is it possible to distinguish between this huge breakdown in the perception of reality and real paranormal foresight?

Have you tried writing a diary? Deja vu generally only gives you the illusion of seeing things maybe a couple of seconds into the future. There aren't any particular time limits on precognition that I know of. So if you write stuff down, and then make a note to yourself when you feel like you're having a precognitive moment, then you may be able reference your earlier notes and find out if the sensation is immediate (probably deja vu) or is a result of remembering a much earlier "vision."

Obviously, the more specific you are with your notes, the less likely you'll be trying to shoehorn your deja vu experience into an actual memory of future events that you had in the past.

posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 10:13 PM
Yea I first agree with the previous poster that by always writing down your de ja vu experiences and also your dreams you will start to bring more conscious focus to these experiences and understanding. Do an experiment and write your dreams down and all your waking de ja vu experiences for one month and I think you will have some great experiences and better clarity. From what I see you were born with greater portions of your 4th and 5th dna strand active which allows you to perceptually see or cognisize other timelines that your consciousness is focused in. Remember that 1 month ago or 400 years ago your consciousness still exists and those times are all happening now simultaneously. your tomorrow and 40 years from now etc. are all happening now. There is no such thing as past memories or past lives and future memories or future lives because it is all happening now. It is the way your conscious perceptions are focused it gives you the sense of linear sequence of events. And that all has to do with dimensions and your DNA. If you understand how that works you will understand what you are actually looking at at any given moment and what a Moment really is. you mentioned something about making something up or pre cognition...Remember that you are making all of this up. Create whatever you want. Play with the idea of what is memory...where is it? Try to remember something that happened 1 minute ago how does that feel or what does that look like. Now try to imagine something that you are going to do in the future 1 minute from now, how does that imagining feel does it feel similar to you...or maybe feel like a higher frequency memory? Imagine a table in front of you, can you touch it with your had and feel density?'s at the same frequency as your mental station of consciousness. Now go find a table in your house that you can put your hand on and feel the density of the wood. What's the difference in frequency between the table in your house and the table in your head. The table in your house exists in a lower dimensional frequency band while your mental body is 1 dimension up so you are actually looking into the past at the table in your house. get this book if you want to get more of an understanding that you can also put into practice with much advantage! Voyagers II second can get it used on amazon.

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posted on Feb, 6 2008 @ 03:26 AM
Thank you both very much for all the info and advice; it looks like a diary is the way to go then, and I will look up that book, I'll take any help I can get, as recently I seem to be having less of the pre-cognition and a lot more of the huge mix ups in perception of reality etc.

Thanks again for all the help!

One last question on the book; am I looking for Voyagers II: Secrets of Amenti 2nd edition?

And is there anything in this book specifically that could help me understand why I have these massive lapses? (I'll still get the book anyway, most likely, it seems genuinely interesting, I just wondered if there was anything specific in there for my questions)

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posted on Feb, 7 2008 @ 01:54 AM
yep that is the book! when you understand the basics of how your dna and multidimensional perception work then you will be able to understand why you get those lapses and also what to do about them. there are a few basic techniques in the back that will help you clear things up and also take advantage and expand the natural perceptual abilities you already have more open.


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