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Tax by Class (Another idea for a photo/numbered ID)

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posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 02:09 PM
The government needs to create a tax class ID for its ppl. Every time you buy something you have to use the photo ID with a number on it pertaining to which class you are in (poor class, middle class, high class). Sales tax would be specific to the class you're under. If you're in the poor class the state sales tax wouldnt be much at all. It would be about 25%-45% less (depending on the state) than the state sales tax you used to pay in the particular state you buy in. If you're in the middle class the state sales tax would be about the same as it is now in whatever the state you buy in. If your in the high class the state sales tax would be a lot more (double) than it is now in whatever the state you buy in.

This would be fair for ppl in a capitalist society, wouldnt it?

The ID wouldnt be used for anything except for sales tax purposes. It wouldnt be manditory though without the ID the tax you must pay would be more (tripple) than what one with the high class tax ID would pay. You'd be a fool not to use the ID which only U.S. born citizens can use. I say born U.S. citizen can only use because this ID is designed to discourage both legal and illegal immagration of who would knowingly come to be poor and for taking up jobs from employers that dont want to pay ppl living wages. You dont want legal or illegal immagrants taking up our jobs without them paying dues in some other way. And you want to discourage employers who dont want to pay ppl living wages in that too.

^^Would this idea be grand or what?

Dont fear every ID when few wise made ID ideas can be designed to be your main pale. Spread word about this idea.

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posted on Feb, 5 2008 @ 11:51 PM
Do you know what a nightmare that would cause just in red tape and paperwork alone? Not to mention the privacy issues and concerns. Really, do you want the minimum wage sales clerk to know how much you make in a year?

Then you would have a lot of richer folk trying their best to hide exactly how much they make. There would be a nice, new, big black market for under the counter work that isn't reported. Don't forget the poor class denying any and all pay increases they get.

I don't see it working, and would not want to be a part of that system. Besides I still feel that sales tax should be eliminated anyhow. We already pay federal, state, and local income tax. Why do we really need to pay sales tax, gas tax, property tax, and etc. We are actually being taxed out our buts, and don't say much since we don't see the entire impact all the taxes put together have on our wallets.

If people could put all the taxes they pay out a month or year together including social security and employer with held taxes, everyone would get a large shock including myself I suspect.

Don't find a new way to tax us. Do like Ron Paul would like to do, eliminate taxes. If possible, eliminate all taxes.


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