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Flying triangles : Special interest

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posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 12:36 PM
i accidently hit the POST button before i was finished with the post!

Ok since Triangles are my very favourite UFO style I want tó make a little thread just in honor to them.

Flying triangles are amazing.
We all know they do manouvers outstanding in movement seemingly impossible manouvers. Some giant to some fairly small versions have been reported all around.
Often I heard of giant triangles entering/leaving just gently like without even touching the water. Same goes for the reported discs. So it is obvious that they don't touch AIR nor WATER making their manouvers a bit more reasonable.
There are so many variations reported that I want to put some of them in a little sense.

version 1:

Belgium Triangle

keeps reappearing. 3 Outter FLAMING red/orange lights with a middle light that appears to be slightly more stable.

( there once was a good utube video showing this type of triangle i'm trying to find that ... )

version 2:

stealth triangle (?)

One of the most strangest one.
They appear at night having three FAINT white lights being only that is visible. But them moving as one as it truly was one craft. Air Craft? Impossible.
There is also a similiar version with just a redlight to the middle.

this is how they look like,

version 3:

The "Grill" version

Few reports of a Triangle version seeming to have a propulsion-like system on one side of it that apparently looks like a "grill".

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