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whats the dilly with the gas prices??? any reasonable ways to save

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posted on Nov, 6 2007 @ 12:01 PM
well, i know whats up but i want to know whats it like in your area...
i think it is like $94 a barell or something....whatever.
that means more at the pump.

i got gas yesterday and it was $3.30 a gallon.

my wife drives a rio and i drive and impala. hers is great on gas and i would say mine is above average. i keep my car maintained and i don't drive it very much. basically on weekends and during the week she takes hers to work. bout 5 miles each way. mine stay in the garage.

any ways to save? yes, we could go hybrid or solar or take a bus...
aside from that, shy of only driving when you need to(which is much easier in the winter) what can we do?

i don't know if you have a grocery store called 'giant eagle' round you but they're pretty big chains around here. you get their savings card and you get 'fuel perks' so for each $ you spend you get so much off per gallon of gas...course it starts out small.

my stepdad was over last night and we were talking and when he uses his furl perks card, he is saving $2.28 cents per gallon..

thats a HUGE savings.

they used to drive both their cars and fill his up, then pull hers up and fill it but you can't do that anymore....they now limit it to ONE vehicle but you can take 30 gallons.

he said he puts 15 gallons in his truck, then uses 3, five gallon cans and fills my moms car up with those....

so, thats a decent way.

just wondering what you guys are paying per gallon..kind of car, etc...

posted on Nov, 6 2007 @ 05:00 PM
Gas is $2.95 as of today. I drive an Jeep Wrangler (which I love), but I recently purchased a Mazda Miata that is 4 cyl. It costs half as much as what it costs to drive the Jeep. Aside from horse and buggy or staying home, there are not many options out there.

You stated your wife's drive is 5 miles. Mine is 90 miles one way, 180 a day, 900 a week. It is getting very expensive. I baught a gallon of milk yesterday, it costs $4.98. I need to buy a cow I think. I have the land for it. Get Jack to milk

Im not into hybrids. Not my style of car.

posted on Nov, 6 2007 @ 05:07 PM
I've got one tip that can save you a bit, but it's only worth it if your full tank is huge. What you do is you fill 'er up just before the sun rises. See gasoline is denser at that time of the day, because the temperature is lower. Since they sell gasoline by the gallons and not by the pound, you get more bang for your buck if it's denser (even if it's slightly denser). It adds up eventually. Give it a try, you'll see that you can actually get a little bit more mileage that way.

posted on Nov, 6 2007 @ 05:13 PM
Woke up at 4:00 pm and gas at the local gas staion was $3.16, is that not insane! Its hard to beleive that we will be paying summer prices in winter (fall, it just really cold here). What I do to save on gas is as follows : 1) drive only to work, walk to get ciggs and whatnot 2) when I go to the city, I try to hitch a ride with someone who is going anyways, throwing them a bone or two 3) being addicted to ATS has cut down on my social life thus impacting my need to drive! (that one was a joke :ham

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