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Talk about synchronicity...

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posted on Nov, 6 2007 @ 11:56 AM
I was writing a speculative global warming conspiracy theory last night, when it just got too late for me to finish it. I come in to finish it up, and what do I see? another post about global warming...gotta love that synchronicity.

Anyway, here's my post that I started last night.

I just had a conspiratorial thought that just "clicked" in my head, and I'm wondering if I need to back off the coffee...what do you think of this?

The theory: Global warming is caused by a depletion of Earth's magnetosphere, and the "global elite", knowing this, propagate the notion that the cause (and solution) to global warming is within mankind's control - in order to curtail mass global panic and hysteria.

The support (anectodal, unfortunatley - remember this is just a thought now):

Environmentalism is not news. I don't understand why, after all this time, Gore is the big hero when people've been howling for decades about mankind's irrefutable negative influence on the environment. I know he's been an activist for many years, but come on, so have many others - why him, and why now?

Well, I saw this fascinating documentary on one of them bug channels (History or Discovery, I forget which) that was called Journey to the Center of the Earth that went into the extremely fascinating subject of Earth's magnetosphere. (I could dig it up for reference if need be)

Now, I'm intensely interested in electromagnetic phenomena, (read: HAARP), so whenever a show starts talking about it - especially Earth's electromagnetic field - I pay attention.

The scientists on the show were able to prove (rather cleverly, I thought) that Earth's magnetic field was diminishing over time - by 10% to be exact, over the last 300 years. The degredation is forecasted as an ongoing future trend, ultimately leading to a polarity reversal called a "flip" in our magnetic field.

This, I would imagine, would affect the Van Allen radiation belts. If not for these belts, naturally occuring solar radiation and cosmic rays would've rendered most - if not all - life on Earth impossible. (well, life as WE know it)

Interestingly enough, although warming was absolutely implied, the global warming phenomena itself was conspicuously absent from the discussion considering how absolutely relevant it would've been to bring up...

So this got me to thinking, that the more and more Earth's electromagnetic fields weaken, the more and more solar radiation and cosmic rays will bombard us. In other words, perhaps it isn't simply greenhouse/CO2 gasses - but direct heating via nuclear bombardment that's causing warmer temperatures.

(I think the fields are weakest at our poles, which would explain all the polar ice melting I've been hearing about)

So having said this, it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility that we could all fry and have absolutely no control over it.

Just as a hypothetical mental excersize - for fun - imagine that the sun is getting ready to seriously throw up sometime soon (remembering that all it would take is a teensie-weensie little burp to do some serious damage to Earth), and, if it were known as fact, I could totally see motive for pushing such a hot-topic-button like global warming out there - to keep people diverted, naturally, but most importantly - keep the problem *man-made*


dunno, what do you think? Any chance for reality here or should I really start backing off the coffee?


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