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Iran outlines ‘Iraq security plan’

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posted on Nov, 6 2007 @ 12:19 AM

TEHRAN: Iran on Monday said it had drawn up a plan to restore stability to Iraq, including suggestions for the expulsion of private security firms and the integration of militias into the security forces.

According to Hosseini, the plan emphasises the necessity for driving armed militant groups out of Iraq, and also for expelling the various private security firms working there. “Particularly Blackwater,” said Hosseini, referring to the US firm whose guards were involved in a shooting incident September 16 in Baghdad that left 17 Iraqis dead.

Sounds fair, doesnt it?

The plan also proposes the integration of some militia groups into the security forces.

Other proposals include a two-year suspension of efforts to find solutions to thorny problems such as oil sharing, the status of provinces and the multi-ethnic city of Kirkuk. An amnesty for prisoners detained for “acting against the government” and the opening of embassies by all neighbouring countries should also take place.

US strike: Iran also dismissed the possibility of a US military strike against the country Monday and said Tehran was ready to consider a new round of talks with Washington on security in Iraq. “The region is not ready to tolerate a new crisis and the United States is not able to plan it, too,” Mohammad Ali Hosseini, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, told reporters during his weekly press briefing. “However, the Islamic Republic of Iran will consider any weak possibility (of an attack),” he added.

Hosseini said Iran would consider a new round of talks with the US over security in Iraq if requested by both countries. “If we find the Iraqi government insistent and we receive the US official request, we will consider the talks in order to lessen difficulties of the Iraqi nation and government,” said Hosseini. agencies

After reading, im failing to see where the problems arise?
Removing the contractors from Iraq that cause so much strife,
Using the Iraqi population who have fought blood tooth and nail for their country as the security/police force,
bringing groups together, solving resource issues....
And directing for dialouge with the sole cause of this catastrophy.

Its the first reasonable answer to this horrible, horrible mess...\11\06\story_6-11-2007_pg4_16

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