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If Aliens are already here or soon to be, what can we do?

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posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 06:51 PM
If we were confronted with another intelligent life form, what would the reality of this be?

If intelligent lifeforms from a conventional planet in a nearby or distant stellar system are real and are quite possibly here, we can assume only a few things. A different evolution from our own to start?

A different evolutionary path would imply:

* Different physical evolutionary responses to environment like star (sunlight, maybe more than one,) light frequencies, gravitation and atmospheric gases. (i.e., Different type and Darker color or lighter skin, taller for less gravity, shorter for more, for instance. (Almost anything is possible).

* Possibly different biology based on an element "not" carbon, but silicon or more exotic, making for a life form unrecognizable to us. Red Rain in Kerala

* Language, culture, society and history almost completely foreign with possibly millions of years of their own recorded history and intellectual evolvement.

* Their science understanding and technologies from a few years below ours, or hundreds of thousands if not millions of years beyond ours. They might have gotten interstellar travel from another race earlier in their evolution than us. Remember, we might have had the technology in the 1950’s.)

* Levels of awareness might be quite evolved with telepathy, remote awareness, psychic and enlightened spiritual understanding.

* They likely would have agendas we cannot understand without much, much more knowledge and exploration of their species and society, and then their contact with other species we would soon or currently would have contact. What is their relation to those other species? What philosophy or guiding laws determine how they interact with us, and would we not even recognize their motivations even if altruistic and reasonable?


What if these beings where from other dimensions or universes? Most the former considerations would be off the table. We would not even be able to come to terms with their actual reality as expressed in our dimension. See: Flat Land

What if their universe is based on more than time and space? What if time to them is malleable, or space is in 4,5 or more dimensions. How do we relate? Could we?

In each case we would need to be open to almost anything. Any decisions on any response we could possibly make would be based on extremely limited data, the alien’s word (if words at all where their way), or our assumptions in combinations of our scant knowledge base.

Our inability to perceive them in their totality would be an ontological shock for anyone unaccustomed to altered states of consciousness and experiences in alternate realities that our historical record has shown exists in our abilities, written as experienced by very prominent historic and contemporary figures, but as yet acknowledged by polite society as real.

If those with careful explorations and practice of altered states, where such “alien” experiences are had, might we be able to keep from going mad? But what of those who have not had such experiences or profound states of awareness? What would be their response?

The “Moth Man” might be a quasi-dimensional entity, whom on experiencing directly seemed to take ones own reality out of context completely. Madness and suicide have resulted, as people could not resolve their normal perceptive stability and killed themselves rather than endure the pain of the unfamiliar fear they have experienced. With these encounters the entity speaks of future events to the experiencers. Could this mean time is not linear for them? Maybe they see an aspect of our universe on entering that we have lost awareness of, or have yet to evolve a perceptive in our culture and sciences.

If beings like the Grays for instance actually have technologies to travel between dimensions and through time and control our conscious memories as well as spatial reality (larger inside the spacecraft than outside dimensions?), then what would that imply? Are they from a neighboring universe/dimension or through their millions of years of evolution where able to utilize technologies from other aliens visiting them?

I believe that THIS is one of the main reasons that the powers that control this information about alien contact have held back from disclosing any truth, and why the fear of a society and populations going mad are maybe more real than we can believe. Even armies of police and military could not control such a massive crisis of madness. More than 6 billion people going crazy, just in North America, likely even scare the hell out of the secret controllers behind our world society.

I am not surprised that these truths are being hidden from us, despite the military and technological power that has been gained by a secretive and power corrupt few. I do believe we needed to confront this reality despite it going dark 50 years ago. We will have some very challenging catching up to do, and soon I suspect.

If faced with this in the next few years, should we not ask these questions and understand the implications so not to be completely taken off guard? Or have we lost too much time to think about this in the 50 years since actual first contact with our military industrial complex masquerading as a peoples government?

There are some very smart folks here on ATS, and if we are to survive our species ignorant "blunder years", we need to combine our knowledge and do serious effort at collective thinking. As "the People" we have more of a brain trust than any government or combinations of governments in history. Do we realize our power? Or have we been put to sleep with candy and a fairytale?

What are the implications I have missed here and how can we take our very real power of destiny and grow out of our ignorance?

I don't plan to wait for our government to tell us anything. We have what we need to make decisions and act on them. We "are" the government; we are "the people" and the inhabitants of our planet. We say what goes and what stays.

I say, we GO. To the stars and beyond.



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