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The Illuminati are Losers

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posted on Oct, 26 2007 @ 03:22 AM

First of all, yes I am aware that there are secret societies and a new world order forming possibly. Was 9/11 an inside job? Sure. Maybe. I really don't know because of the all the misinformation... folks the whole thing is this... of course adding the theory that supposedly we do have some mad men on our hands, then here is my conclusion on these shapeshifter, alien people, whatever the hell they are. lol. It doesnt' even matter.

These ELITES are losers. They are old men, in secret societies playing games. Like babies. They say, "ooo lets all be in a secret group and do evil deeds" "lets put on capes and act like devil worshippers and be cooler than people that we call serfs" "lets make them blind"..
Seriously, it's a joke. They, are, stupid. They are the lousiest group of Villains on this earth I have ever seen or heard of. Come on now.. Bohemian Grove, Cremation of Care? Rituals with satanic games? What kind of loser crap is that? My whole point I am making here is that...

Don't even bother with conspiracy theories. these guys are S T U P I D . They really are. They get on my nerves and should be dead as far as I'm concerned. Hey I don't think the gov is dumb, but I do think it's corrupted, but I do think it's good to keep the alien theory under wraps if its true because if it is released which is probably will be soon, then we would have a few problems. Maybe even riots.
But, the pyramid on our dollar bill, wow it's an eye. Wow they think they are so secret and cool to put it on tv and everywhere else.. How. dumb. If there really is such thing as these reptilian shapeshifting alien people who are controlling the world....

then this is the most pathetic attempt. They really just need to leave because it's like. I'm not even phased. You know how someone continues to talk about the same thing and they think they are so smart? It's like that... we all just have to say..

Hey elite conrollers of the world "supposedly" "Shut up... *rolls eyes* I mean I'm so passionate about this.. I don't hate them, I just consider myself above them. I really do, because as far as I am concerned they are the sheep. And I am the elite. God.. what losers...

What losers you are...

Alright I"m done here, but hopefully those who know what I'm talking about can feel what I'm trying to convey here. hehe. I don' mean to offend anyone, I only mean to offend the loser controllers of the world if they exist. Which I'm 98% sure that they do.

Oh and the solution? Just ignore them, call them stupid and consider yourself the best and also your friends. Also, love and light is answer.. ehh I guess love the evil ones but give them no pearls. They don't deserve any... sighs*

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