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Disclosure of extraterrestrials to publicy

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posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 10:17 PM
We live now that time at our, you know, are little scared to disclosure extraterrestrials to publicy. Publicy i mean us, people.

I think this kind thread have never been before, because i haven't found this kind where people talk ideas how to get "Extraterrestrials disclosured to publicy". Its time now get to know from E.T culture, because we not living anymore that age when we didn't know much about where we live or what was up there. Now we know what is up there, but we scare sometimes to call it. We scare because most of us haven't meeted E.T yet, and we have seen movies them as like evils. We copy it to our mind, we scare sometimes future what come's to us. We are strong so we must be strong too contacting E.T, if we fail like years ago, when we got rocks and sticks at our best friends, we never get friends from space if we continue this long be like this what we not really are.

We have disclosured ourselves to them many hundreds years ago, before we were even born, because they have watched our born too, documented natural document from new life of planet earth. We were implanted, recearched by extraterrestrials, they doed it because they wanted know who we where. Now they know who we are, no anymore unnecessary abductions, now they waiting our turn at we disclosure them to us because everyone do not know correctly what extraterrestrials are. What i mean at we have disclosured ourselves to them, i mean at when this earth was found, after that happened our life disclosure.

Why they don't know correctly?

Its because E.T thing haven't disclosured publicy fully but part of it has come public. We don't want show ourselves like weaklings, so we protecting territory at any cost, like in dinosaurs age, when we were humankind ape thingye, we protected our territory from outsiders at any cost, killing them or put them running away. We haven't changed much of those days, we are now same too. They have disclosured us to other their kind creatures, but what we have done, nothing. Like old times, we try protect our territory at any cost, what we are, weaklings? Its look like we shame ourselves what we are, we shame disclosure them to us because we shame ourselves so much at we going selfish to do not disclosure about them nothing.

Why we not saying, "they are same worthy as everyone, even if they were different". Why we not saying those words? We shame to say that because we are "Homosapien", monkeys who are idiots and thinking allways at we are that better one. What matter have that if someone can do things better than us, or have advanced technology than us have. No matter what they are or what they have, only one thing says things right and it is "We are same worthy even if we were different". We must stop this selfishness and shame of ourselves, we must become stronger in our mind and stop thinking what they have or what they have, they are same worthy even if they have spaceships what we don't have, or any other things. We must saying ourselves, "its ok what they have or what they are, its not matter, because best thing ever is doing friendship and creating contact with other kind of culture, we are not that bad at we are not worth to do contact with them, stop thinking their technology or intelligence matter to that contact, stop it, we are same worthy even if they were different, we just must be brave and open minded new things, if we stay like locked beings, we are then just shadows what noone can see, like we all don't see our nature what kind it is".

Ok, i continue next part from this disclosure extraterrestrial civilisations to publicy more next time, but before that, i must say one important thing what we should figure out.

How to get disclosure of extraterrestrials to publicy that kind way at everyone could see correctly it?

If you have some really good suggestion what could be best way disclosure them to people, tell it here and maybe we test them someday or maybe that day when you send suggestion.

posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 11:14 PM
Welcome to ATS Silenteye, and thank you for your thought-provoking post...

Fist of all, allow me to suggest that you first search the ATS threads to see if a topic has or is currently being discussed. The search box at the top of every ATS page will quickly answer this question for you.

For example, when I entered " "Public ET disclosure", I was immediately presented with several pages of threads that are already deep into this intriguing, but admittedly inexhaustible topic.

So - in the future, you may wish to conduct such a quick and easy test to see if you may be better off joining an existing discussion rather than starting a new redundant thread.

Having said that, I commend your spirit and obvious enthusiasm for the topic at hand. Although I may not agree completely with your premise (e.g., that we humans are presenting ourselves as shameful or weak), I respect you for the passion you feel, and for asking us to give this important subject some more thought - even if from a different - quite different - perspective.

So good luck, my friend - keep thinking. And keep looking up

You are among friends...

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posted on Oct, 22 2007 @ 11:28 PM
What we fear?

I talked about at we shame ourselves. We think at they going to laugh to us because we have not so advanced level of technology. Im going calling us weaklings because we can't disclosure someone who are much different from us. I know this feeling, be an different. If you think at it matters what you have and what you don't have, you going fool yourself into labyrinth. Why im repeating words "It don't matter", i try figure out in your mind at you are not that bad if you are that kind creature. Well, people think much about at they going to laugh us because we are so low level beings, ok, do you laugh to your animals what you have your home, do you laugh them and keep them like they are not any worthy and you kicking them and throwing them around like they are not any worthy because they are low level beings. If we think like that, we are very stupid. I have dog and its one in my best friends category, i have one "friends and one best friends category" in my mind, where i choose who are just friends and who are best friends. So, my dog is one of my best friends and yes, he don't build long buildings or jumbo jets. So what we learn about this.

Technology or any other don't matter at will you get friendship with someone or not. Best thing how to help people to understand what extraterrestrials are is to tell them to think, what you could do if you were an extraterrestrial and you have recearched enough earth at you find out what human beings are?

My ansrew to question.

I maybe trying communicate with humans someway, but i asking in myself, why they don't disclosure us if they know at we are real, why they fear us and why they feel at they are not worthy contact with us, why they not welcome us if they know at we are not going to do harm to them, why they still think at we are their enemy. Trying showing spaceship to people but people walk through from seeing at like it never have been before, again i asking in myself, why they don't want notice us any way and they don't want see us even if we landed on their head, why they feel at we are somekind what not need to exist. Last words in my space diary book, this planet is full of idiots, they even see us if we show up somewhere, they just saying idiot words "Oh look Carl, its a plane", my recearch of communicate this kind creatures have ended, but i founded some people at my path down there, who were more intelligent from others and they have used time to recearch us or telling people at we are really here and we are not fake, i hope they will help earth become more intelligent than it is now. They are earth only hope, so let's not fully throw away this disclosure thing, so let's leave things to them and wait their turn, but now im leaving this planet and go to other planet "hopefully" i find planet where is not so stupid people inside. Space diary ends...

That maybe what i could think if i were an extraterrestrial, but i don't know could i think word to word, like i told it. Intelligent not allways mean at you have to know all maths and other hard things to be intelligent. Intelligent can mean that kind things too at you are friendly to other even if he was different looking or someway different. If some intelligent person bullying others and do bad to others, then he's not intelligent, he is then stupid. Even if that person knows all about maths and get from tests allways 10, he is still stupid because he is not friendly kind of person because he bullying and be bad to others. What we learn from this. Let's not try be better than others, so let's not try think at we are the better ones and disclosure of E.T is rubbish because contact with E.T is not worthy enough to us, let's not try think like this. Let's think at disclosure of E.T life is right way and we do not need to be anything if we live in this world, let's just be only ourselves and that's enough, let's welcome everyone even if they were different, because "we are same worthy, even if we were different".

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 12:25 AM
Its hard sometimes disclosure that kind thing what we don't understand, but if we don't want understand, we never going to understand it. Where we going after then, we continuing same life if we don't say there is others with us in this world. If we say there is others in this world with us, our life change to some way little of bit. People thinking from E.T contact at its not worthy to us, maybe reason is at we again think at we are better from others, so we don't try contact them any way, next we say at disclosure of extraterrestrials are rubbish because we think too much from us. In our minds rolling words "Its not needed to know".

In our eyes we see truth and in our mind says, "that's gotta be done now before time is over". But what we choose really, illusions?

What you going to do with this disclosure thing?
Do you keep silence or tell it words what others hear?
Or do you follow what other side of this thing says?

Clock is ticking, way what you never thought, maybe your life ends before it happens, maybe you get in trouble before it happens, maybe some more bad happening to you before it happens. Do not worry, nothing will happen to you, you will awake soon and get up from your bed and start life what you really wanted, or do you really awake that kind day?

Maybe its just your mind illusions what shows it your best day, but is it that kind day. Maybe it could be more better if everyone could know truth and you could see truth with your own eyes from your window. What you could see?

Extraterrestrials down there doing something. You thinking up there, what happened. Your friend call to you "It happened". Soon someone knocks to door, you open it and you are amazed "Extraterrestrial". Maybe its one illusion too and get your mind waiting.

Our mind waiting to some happen, but when we put our mind waiting and not to do something about it, it will roll and roll and we not going to do anything about it. Then it not happen if we just wait it to happen. Disclosure extraterrestrials to publicy, it will not happen if we not do something about it, we need to get people to know correctly about them, because if they don't know correctly about extraterrestrials, its they to hard believe or even think what extraterrestrials really are. But how to do correctly disclosure of extraterrestrials to publicy?

That's what i have been thought. Could we try call extraterrestrials show themselves to people, but telling them at this man/woman calling now spaceship to here. Im not talking now U.N disclosure thing, im talking now how to disclosure extraterrestrials to publicy correctly. Calling extraterrestrials to show their spaceships to people could work, but who can do that. I think we have some persons who can do this, so we don't need to run many rivers to find one. I don't know who, but i know at here on the earth is someone's who can do it.

Ok but now from today there was enough text and much of text.

So its now bye, next time i continue from here.

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posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 01:09 PM
Thank you, Silenteye...

Although it is very difficult to clearly understand your writing, I think I've absorbed the main gist of it, and must reiterate that, in my own opinion, you've given this subject a great deal of thought and you seem quite passionate regarding this singular need for public disclosure.

Also, begging your indulgence, I believe that you are correct, again if I read you accurately, that the general population of this world has shown tremendous apathy, even disdain towards establishing any meaningful, universally applied disclosure policy. This, if I may paraphrase, is resulting in a plethora of 'missed opportunities', and may even encourage any visitors to feel unwelcome and seek greater kindness and intelligence on more receptive planets elsewhere.

Interesting proposition. A very intriguing concept, I admit. We haven't exactly rolled out the welcome mat, much less a red carpet, so why should they even stick around to interact with us or help us in any way. Sad, if true, but not an altogether unrealistic scenario.

In any case, thank you again for making the effort to express your feelings in this way. It was obviously not an easy thing for you to do (BTW - what IS your native language?).

Take care, and keep posting when you can. I realize your audience is not that large at this moment, but you have at least one listener that appreciates your sentiment and will look for more.

Incidentally - if the public disclosure contact is not to be UN or anyone in an official capacity, as you suggest - then who would you suggest?

P.S. - I like your message of mutual respect and kindness. Somehow I believe that we, as humans, must integrate this as a mindset amongst ourselves before we will be invited to join our other-worldly benefactors. We're not there yet. Not by a long shot.

Perhaps that is why we only experience such relative silence, eh silent-eye???

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 03:13 PM
Let's talk about that what i meaned at im not talking about U.N disclosure of extraterrestrials.

Let's tell how we most of got known and get in to these E.T things, mostly we can say at its because of our own experiences of somekind (Saw alien spaceship with own eyes or close contact with E.T). But yes, from everywhere we can get in to these E.T things, but we must think what is most effective and beliavable thing how people get known of these extraterrestrials correctly. Documents, talking about extraterrestrials as real not working effectively to get people to know correctly about these E.T thingyes, like we see, disclosure has not happen and people haven't got yet realize the truth and haven't goed fight for justice. They just see this thing as little thing. We need to talk to them about E.T culture, not from are they real or not or where they live or...., because what i have learned from people, they get in to things if its told correctly. Sometimes extraterrestrials show themselves to some of us because they help disclosure about themselves because they try teach their E.T culture to us. They not saying at their spaceships, "Tell to others at we are real", blah blah.... They tell their spaceships their own E.T culture because its the way how we earth here too get known other cultures because we get to know what kind culture it is. Then we tell about that culture to our children or our friends and they get to know about that culture too.

If we try get people to know about extraterrestrials with ufo videos or documents, i say, we get so small group with those things. If we talking from history of E.T, or future of E.T, we forget important thing, now living time what kind they are now. Like we don't talk about us like in history books we were old times, we talk about us like we are now. But its not enough at we talk about E.T culture to people, its not enough because its not fully effective, next thing what we need to do is ask E.T to showing up these people, with their spaceships or close contact, i don't know now what kind things they these days accept, but if we not try, we never get known. Like i said upper there, if we wait, we never get things to done.

Things how to do disclosure.

1. Find the rabbit hole. Not really, just find hole in some thing what can get people interested to these things.

2. Second, get person interested from thing. Every person get interested from these things different ways, some of them get interested same way. Mostly now people are interested about cultures and that is the one hole what we can use to get people know about these extraterrestrials correctly.

3. Third thing is find someone who can ask extraterrestrials show one of their spaceship to this person or come out from spaceship and get person see it with his own eyes. You can do it too if you can.

4. Fourth thing, we are not waiting if you thought that.

In fourth thing we show people truth and soon we have disclosured extraterrestrials to publicy, without U.N help. We not going to show people truth like in movie "V", exploding buildings.
We show truth to them continuing this thing one by one, like virus spread over this planet but in this case, its truth what spread over this planet.

Extraterrestrials showing themselves to us sometimes, but it not mean at we no need to help disclosure extraterrestrials to us. If we think like that, we think like zombie who banging door outside and wait at someone inside there room open door at we can go get eat their brains. We whining about at why extraterrestrials haven't disclosured to publicy, but its because of us, we haven't putted this thing go forward mostly any way, we have just rolled one race track about years, what we learn about this is. Things not come done if we not try to do things done. Sometimes things goes done wrong way, but let's take that lesson and try other way, let's not say "Im done with this thing, i just now wait at this thing someday come done".

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 04:01 PM
Why i said us to weak. We giving up too easily, like in this extraterrestrial disclosure thing. We just put this disclosure of extraterrestrials to publicy thing fly through us like high speed arrow. Sometimes we think at its too much to us so we giving up. Someone of us think at its too different to us so we giving up.

Giving up, giving up, can't take anymore, giving up, its too different, giving up...

Do you wait U.N turn with this disclosure thing or do you take your turn with this thing to get this thing forward some way?

Did U.N call you and said at extraterrestrials are real or did you find with your own this thing out?

What we learn about this?

Like we when we vote president, that president will be choosed to president of country who get most of voices to votes.

What we learn?

Extraterrestrials waiting our turn, not the U.N turn. We are those who must disclosure this thing to everyone. We choose the way of truth. We not waiting U.N to do his turn with this thing, its us who create future, not the one who have power.

We create future, we change future if we can. Every thing what we do done, every thing of that will follow us in future, but not maybe forever everything because we can change the future and every thing what we do, follow us in future.

So what we learn?

There is more people over this planet than in U.N have people.

So what we learn?

We are those who extraterrestrials waiting.

People usually thinks at they who have power choosing what we know or what kind life we can live. Is that life? Really? What kind crap that is? We following like slaves the ones who are upper than us? Same like what kind was in pyramid age when Faraos got slaves and people followed orders what came from Faraos. They didn't fight back. We no need to attack to anyone with spears and axes, we just use our intelligent.

Let's do little example from this thing. Let's take star wars series to example.

Dark side is fast and powerfull, but light side is slow but intelligent.

Allways intelligent wins speed and power, because intelligent using is strategy. So what we need to use this disclosure extraterrestrials to publicy is using strategy.

We have to play like chess, in that game we use strategy. And like computer strategy games, we use strategy to win opponent.

Im not saying anything at U.N is evil or something, i just say at they scare little of bit this disclosure of extraterrestrials thing, because its little different thing from their now living day.

Allways everything have 2 side, like in chess game.

Our power in this game is extraterrestrials and information what we can tell correctly if we know how to tell it correctly. And most best one is in our side, it is "intelligent" people, who can do things going well.

Other side power is, power of the money. And like in star wars, dark side got everything but they lost because light side was more intelligent. They got intelligent people too, but we have more of these intelligent people and our power is truth and allways truth wins sometimes. You can make from truth fake only some years or days or hours, but truth will be coming to everyone correctly someday. Someday, sometime it happens, but if we don't do nothing, it will not coming to happen.

Allways when i watch this earth, allways coming star wars story in my mind.

So we have really big chance to disclosure extraterrestrials to publicy because they are real. We must just now looking holes and use those holes as our weapons with this disclosure thing. If we tell correctly, people will listen, if we not, they walk away, but let's don't give up if they go walk away, let's try again and find new hole, if that hole what you used, didn't work.

I talking from this thing because i want things become done so noone anymore need to whine or cry or suffer or feel bad anymore on earth.

We can do this thing done this week, if we use our intelligent correctly.

If not, let's try again.

Its not game over.

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 04:08 PM
I fear it too, them becoming an us and so on? I wake up in sweat shaking from my nightmares and I am more sdhamefeul of being human than alien in fact I believe we are all aylian of some kind, ou regens came frum space its p roven fact some year ago by soviet scientists so I have to conclude by your terms

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 04:56 PM
A noble quest, you have, Silenteye, that is most certain...

I talking from this thing because i want things become done so noone anymore need to whine or cry or suffer or feel bad anymore on earth.

Yes, indeed, I wish more of my fellow humans shared this sentiment. As I think we agree, unless and until most (if not all) do, then the ET-instigated disclosure may be at best, delayed.

Nevertheless, if I may, I'm not sure I follow your argument with the Star Wars analogy. I don't recall the Dark side being that much less intelligent, as you say, than the Light side, nor much "faster" for that matter. As part of the storyline, I believe Lucas hoped to imbue both sides with nearly equal amounts of speed and intellect, and his theme was to have "good" triumph over "evil", all other variables being relatively equivalent.

This idea I find particularly intriguing:

...ask extraterrestrials show one of their spaceship to this person or come out from spaceship and get person see it with his own eyes. You can do it too if you can.

I can do it too? Really? Please, if you will, share with me how, exactly, I can do this. I'll settle for just the spaceship, but to have a "person" come out would be true bonus. Any ideas, seriously, where and when this might be accomplished?

Best wishes, Silenteye - you've given me some wonderful food-for-thought. And for that, I am truly grateful...

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 05:13 PM
One way I have been helping with disclosure is by telling my friends to at least consider how it is possible for extraterrestrials to visit Earth because of the simple fact that there is so much in the universe that is unproven and that we don't know.

One step at a time, we can change the public's perception on how it is possible for extraterrestrials to be visiting Earth. That knowledge we pass on to our friends will spread like you said as a virus to their friends.

5 years ago, my friends would have laughed at me for believing in E.T. visitation. Now they all think it's not only possible, but probable.

posted on Oct, 23 2007 @ 06:34 PM
"I can do it too? Really? Please, if you will, share with me how, exactly, I can do this. "

I didn't say anything about at i know the the way how to do it, but searching information, you will find how to do it. Im not information machine who know's everything from about secrets.

"I can do this. I'll settle for just the spaceship, but to have a "person" come out would be true bonus."

Its not needed to be anyone who you know, it can be some unknown person too who can come watch your doings, that spaceship calling. But before you call anyone to watch what you going to do, you must remember at you must be 100% sure about it at you can do it or you become liar among with humans.

You must remember one other thing too when you know how to ask E.T to show up. You must remember at you not going to call yourself any special if you have somekind contact or can do easily contact with extraterrestrials and that way ask E.T to show up. You must remember in this situation too at "you are same worthy as others even if you are someway different". If you forget that, people start creating cult around you soon and they start calling you prophet or some other. You become selfishness and bad person after that, because you accept the offer what is not good offer, because you think in this situation at you are better than others and that's not good thing. So you must remember at you not calling yourself any special after you know how to call E.T to show up.

I feeled at i have to say this because some people have become selfishness and bad person because they calling themselves special because they know how to ask E.T to show up. So i said that because i don't want anyone become that kind person who thinks he better than others because he have this or that ability, its wrong to show own abilitys like it makes from him god. We are still "same worthy even if we have abilties what are different kind or we are much different from others". Some tv series and my own path has teached me some of these things at what kind things doing from person good person. I have learned at we no need to be any special when we tell something to other or show or something else or when we live here, we no need to be any special even if we are different looking or other planet or we have strange abilities, we no need to use them to show ourselves as gods, because we are still "same worthy even if we are different", we need just be ourselves because being ourselves, we can search information and see world and other things freely, because we are not locked anywhere if we be ourselves and can face the truth and not run away from it.

Earth, place what should be full of happiness and peace like it looks from space. This is illusion, when we walk country to country, we will notice soon at everything is not right. Every people are friendly to others even if some people were different. Illusion again. People hate word "be an different". Of course there is some people who can be friendly to different kind people, but most of people hate word "be an different" so they usually bully different kind of persons or throw them to corner like they are not any worthy because they are not same as others and they are "different".

Grinch movie is one example to this thing.

I continue from here next time, so its again bye.

posted on Oct, 24 2007 @ 11:47 AM
Sometimes we ask from ourselves, why E.T don't work with us if we want so much work with them help earth. Let's say, we not working with E.T like you work your workplace in some company with your friends and you can see them. Let's say, we work with E.T if we help disclosure them to people. That we can say working with Extraterrestrials.

How that's work with E.T?

Its work with E.T because they try disclosure themselves to us and we work with them if we try disclosure themselves to us.

Other side doesn't have friends much because they don't have that kind ability at they could accept to their friends different kind of creatures. We someone have that ability, like i have, i can accept to my friend different kind of creatures, other name called E.T - Extraterrestrials. I maybe fear little to meet them face to face, but that's not matter, we everyone allways are scared of from new things some much, but most important thing is, you must face the fear if you want to learn more. So that's why i am that much brave at i can meet them face to face even if i fear little of bit.

Sometimes we humans think at we are so little at our planet so disclosure of extraterrestrials to publicy is too impossible to me little human who standing down here watching up there. Its not matter how small or big you are, you can still help disclosure extraterrestrials to people and you must remember, you are not alone. There is just more than one who tryes help disclosure extraterrestrials to people. Like i don't think at i can't help disclosure extraterrestrials people, i don't think that because i don't think at if im here or there, its not matter, i think at more important thing is trying and not thinking can you do it or not. If you roll in your mind, "can i do it, can i do it", your mind going waiting mode and it not even want try because its just repeat same thing when you think about thing "disclosure of extraterrestrials to publicy". Stop repeating same word again and again, it will not put your mind going forward with this thing if you repeat again and again same word again and again like it takes forever when you choose "yes or no" word from there, from your mind.

Friendship with our space friends is better choice than keep our space friends silence like they never been exist. If we say at they no needed to become known, then we say at we no needed to be alive because we choose at different kind of creatures is not right, then we say about us same because we are different too, so we say about ourselves at we are not right to be alive because we are what we are and what we are is different kind of creatures like Extraterrestrials are (Other way said same thing - we are not worthy to exist in this world because we are different from them like they are different from us). So stop think now at different matter's who we can meet or not, we are still "same worthy even if we were different or much different from each other".

Accept different kind of creatures "same worthy as you are, even if they were different" so you then prove at you can accept different kind of life "same worthy" and not throwing it to corner or start keep it like its not any worthy to exist or be alive.

Ok, i continue from here next time, bye.

posted on Dec, 7 2007 @ 11:18 PM
Sometimes we think, why we could need to disclosure extraterrestrials to everyone on the earth that way at they could understand it? Very good question. I throw other question to here what gives you ansrew for this question. Why we need to watch earth like this? What's wrong? Do you see much suffering here, poorness, we have ability to help but we don't, why? We don't see them. We have much money but only small size of us help them. Only small size of random people. What other we see, we see suffering in people when we look them to eyes, we see fear there inside there, long way them to get away there where they runned because of fear. Someone of them runned more far away in there, someone has lost in there. Nobody show's light because there is nobody who can show light because everyone has runned in there far away. Its our humanity jail, other words our minds have been locked, our eyes has been silenced. They can't see in the darkness so their eyes has been silenced, they need to use their own instincts get out there, but there is one thing stopping them, their minds have been locked. That stop them using their own instincts.

Why we need our own instincts to things? If we live under other orders or things, we do not use our own instincts then, but still same question repeats, we need instincts be an ourselves, we need instincts get more information alone with ourselves if that other one information can't be get that one other way. Most important thing what we get using our own instincts is get information what is wrong and what is right. But, how we know what is wrong, what is right? Using your mind wisely with your own instincts, you will know then and more easily you notice what is wrong and what is right. In information, you need to look carefully is it real or not, is it right or wrong. Own experiences helps get you known from some things. Most important thing what is important is at you don't lie yourself from things what never happened to you, or never happened in this world. If you lie yourself, you can get others in same lies what you tell at they are real but they are really then only fakes.

Go to the mirror and look yourself in to the eyes. You have paper at your hands, where you have writed questions, then you ask one by one those questions and after that, you look yourself in to the eyes at mirror and ask, "Could i do it, do i feel it right or wrong thing, why". You write ansrew to paper after you have asked yourself question. One by one you will write ansrews to the paper. Last thing what you do is check what you got in your questions. After that you start questioning yourself those ansrews is it really right or wrong, do i lie to myself or not.

Ask questions with no fear from yourself. Even if they were sound like impossible, crazy or different kind, or other, ask question, remember questioning things, don't fall to one theory, if you fall to one theory in thing without questioning, you will fall then that theory without questioning. Some theorys are fact, some theorys are only theorys. Some theorys is not real. Those theorys what are real is fact. Fact can be other words said "Truth". Searching information and doing recearch, you can find ansrews to the questions.

I continue from here some next time, so its now bye.

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