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Army Mutiny And Coup Being Reported In Burma/Myanmar

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posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 09:34 AM
Both reports from the same source and no confirmation yet.

Rangoon: ‘army mutiny’ reported
Troops refuse to fire
on crowds

Reports from Rangoon suggest soldiers are mutinying. It is unclear the numbers involved. Reports cite heavy shooting in the former Burmese capital.


Army mutiny. I guess they got sick of killing their own families.

‘Coup’ claimed in Rangoon
Than Shwe ‘deposed by No 2’

Military sources in Rangoon are claiming that the regime's number two, General Maung Aye (right), has staged a coup against Than Shwe, and that his troops are now guarding Aung San Suu Kyi's home. A meeting between him and Suu Kyi is expected. Maung Aye is army commander-in-chief and a renowned pragmatist.


It would be nice, for once, to see a brutal regime deposed by its own people. Lets hope for them that imperialist forces don't step in while the pen is falling.

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 09:52 AM
Our prayers are with the Monks and the people of Burma. They are fighting our war also. They fight against oppression and tyranny.

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 09:55 AM
Ah, very nice to see that they refuse to shoot at unarmed people. The development in Burma is getting more and more interesting. They seem to lack the aggression and desire to harm their own people that some US police officers have displayed.

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posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 09:57 AM
reply to post by Copernicus

I believe in a time of Crises the American police and military will side with the people here also.

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 10:00 AM
Well I hope this coup works then.

The Generals there manipulate one ethnic group against another. I understood that the Generals recruited Christian Burmese for security so that they could rely on them to fire upon the Buddhist monks.

We as consumers have the power to effect change in Burma.

The Burmese Generals gain their main outside support from China and Singapore. We as a community here online must start a movement to boycott the Chinese Olympic games and to boycott trade with Singapore.

If you intend traveling in Asia, avoid flying with Singapore Airlines or it's subsidiary Silk Air. Use alternative airlines. Anything connected with Singapore or China must be shunned until these countries change their stance.

Spread this concept to other online communities where you are active.

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posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 10:01 AM
The meeting between Gambari and Suu Kyi happened in the afternoon, local time, from all reports...

Overnight, earlier in the day, there were unconfirmed reports that No.2 in command, Vice Senior General Maung Aye had been stood down by No1.Senior General Than Shwe...

There has been no official confirmation of same given comms out of Myanmar are not great ATM...

If this is the case, perhaps a standoff and a cessation of hostilities can be organised in order to give all sides a breather, and perhaps with UN help, get them to the table to talk...


posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 10:13 AM
reply to post by Rilence

The Generals may rule the government, but the soothsayers rule the Generals. All is not as it seems. Burma/Myanmar has been taken over by ET. No, not that ET.

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 10:19 AM
I agree the military, in its current form and state of mind will still rather back the people then do the governments bidding.

The police on the other hand I only see doing this in small groups of defectors.
The police and intelligence forces are the tool of choice for oppression and tyranny in the US and they have been given permissions and power, far exceeding any healthy limits for police forces.
With this, note that with Police I include all the federal intelligence and security agency's.

The showdown between the people getting the power back and the government keeping its power and perpetuating oppression and tyranny will be one of people/military vs government/police.

This imho is exactly why the US is making sure that the presence of its own military forces is thinned out, as much as possible, and why they are shipping as many troops as they can abroad.

If they manage to spark another conflict by which the entire active combat ready core of the US military is stationed abroad, the playing field will be set to enact complete abolition of the US constitution and make fascist corporate dictatorship a visible and official form of government in the US.

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 10:23 AM
reply to post by Malichai

I've read the articles concerned with moving the capital, Malichai, but have not been able to put two and two together, given it is 1.25 am here...

Care to enlighten me ?


posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by Rilence

It was under the advice of the Soothesayers. The military leaders don't do anything without discussing it with the fortune tellers first.

And its not just Myanmar. Many other nations seek advice from the same ones.

And there have been several coups over people taking their advice to be replaced with new leaders who followed them even more closely.

I talked with someone who worked in several of the nations in the area including Burma. He says they are organized and almost as common as convenience stores in America.

The shadow government...

posted on Sep, 30 2007 @ 10:35 AM
reply to post by Malichai

Thanks for the heads up...

Kind like Nancy Regan talking to her astrologer friends during hubby's time as pres


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