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damn higher ups at work

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posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 04:22 PM
*sighs* boy i wish i could be having sex with boss or better yet i wish i could be her cousin cause then guess what? i could pull strings and get to do whatever the
i wanted to at work too. here's the rundown.

we have two bosses. ill call one c and the other a. ok a is the cousin of our former boss. the former boss got a position up at the front office. when that happened a got to become our new boss. how c became the other i have no idea (more than likely cause he's layin pipe to the former boss). today one of the girls i work with went to the locker room on break to use her cellphone. she said when she went in there she saw a asleep on the bench. she said she told a
wake up. she never told me how she responed, but then went on to say that she told c about it and she said all he said was "oh she's sleepin cause she got drunk last night". ok, WHAT kind of excuse is that? everybody in the damn factory gets messed up on the weekend but they still come to work, even if they're hungover or not. a should have just called in and pretended to be sick. the exucse "oh she got drunk las night is just pitiful. that's like me walking off the line saying i can't work because i bruised my arm last night.

now for c. c's been screwin the former boss for god knows how long, and because of that he does NOTHING. he just walks around all damn day. i remember the other day i ran into him in the hallway and he was like "man its' boring". i was thinking that's because you don't do anything all
day you punk. on top of all that, he gets to leave early all the time, and still recieves a whole day's check. now i mean, from time to time other people do get to go home, but it's usually always him and the same other people.

during my break i told this girl who works out there too (we'll call her s) that i was gonna quit because of all the power games going on. s was like no don't quit blah blah blah. i was like nah man
that if she can sleep i can sleep. anyway, word gets around to a that i was threatening to quit (more than likely s told her because her and s are cool) . on my last break a was like don't quit blah blah blah and denied that she had been sleeping. but everybody knows the truth. other people have said that they've caught c sleeping to. anyway, i decided to stay. but if these games continue (which i know they will) i'll complain about it to the temp agency. and if they don't do anything, i'll go ahead and quit.

oh yeah, a guy that i had problems with back in the day works out there too (so far everything's been going smooth with him though, but we'll see how long that lasts). i still feel like i should go ahead and not go into tomorrow but i don't know, what do you guys think?

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