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This is just sick and disturbing

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posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 02:38 AM

Three teens and a mother are arrested after a scuffle with security guards at Knight High School in Palmdale. An investigation is underway as to whether excessive force was used by the guards.

One of the students arrested caught the whole thing on video. The incident was instigated over cake.

It was a birthday party at Knight High School in Palmdale. Early last week, during lunch hour, students say the cake dropped, and then everything else dropped. There was mayhem and chaos. On the heels of this incident, a group of parents and students plan to hold a protest on Friday.

This is exclusive video that a student at William P. Knight High School in East Palmdale used his cell phone to capture video of 16-year-old Pleajhia Mervin being arrested by campus police early last week.

WTF? A little girl gets her wrist broken for droping some cake on the ground?
This is very disturbing

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