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E Numbers In Our Every Day Life.

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posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 07:09 AM
Hello every one, i was recently reading in a paper about E numbers and some of the bad thigns they can do to our selves and young children. I thought that i would show many here on ATS what they are eating and what they are giving to there friends, loved ones & children.

E102 also known as Tartrazine, this is a colouring found in many foods today. Its side effects can make children Hyper, it can have a bad reaction with Asthamatics and you must take care if you are sensitive to Aspirin.

E104 some times called Quinoline Yellow this is another colouring that courses hyperactivity to children mainly.

E110 this is called Sunset Yellow FCF or some times Orange Yellow S, this is alike the others, a colouring that is very sensitive to people who have bad reactions to Aspirin and of corse courses hyperactivity.

E122 named Carmoisine / Azorubine this has the sae effects as the fore mentioned, Bad to Asthmatics, Aspirin sufferers and couses children to become hyper.

Is it only me who is seeing a pattern emerging here ?

E123 this is a very dangerous one named Amaranth it is a red colouring. It, as the others causes Hyperactivity and is bad to the Aspirin suffers. It has the same effects as the others but it effects peopel more harshly.

E124 named Ponceau 4R or Cochineal Red A, as the others it causes hyperatcivity, bad to asthmatics and Aspirin sufferers.

There are to many for me to mention, there are hundreds if not thousands of these dealy chemicals that we are giving to our children, wifes, husbands and any one elde who needs to eat. We are being posioned by our own countrys. Our countrys know for a fact that these are bad for us, Swedan or Norway have banned many of these drugs, so have the USA. Yet still many other countrys still eat it.

Does any one have any thoughts on this ? The link that i found my infomation on is Here.

I would appreciate it if people would flag this, i belive it is a topic that every one needs to read. We all need to know what chemicals we are eating.

Any Views ?

ProTo FF

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posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 07:46 AM
I agree. Most people have no idea whay they are putting in their bodies.

As mentioned in another, little read thread on food additives, the first time I gave my child Kraft macaroni and cheese he lost his mind. It was a very difficult 25-36 hours until the chemicals were out of his body. Now we try very hard to only eat whole organic foods or refined foods that are made with organic ingredients and no preservatives or additives. Very hard to do in today's society. It can get expensive and exhausting.

This topic was the reason I became aware of ATS. I was looking up info on the web about natural health and nutritional supplements. I came across a very frightening ATS essay on Aspartame.

posted on Sep, 24 2007 @ 05:07 AM
First of all salt has an E number.

Answer is simplicity itself. Start cooking from fresh, Organic ingredients so the only E numbers you put in are your own. Don't eat someone elses idea of what "cottage pie" is. make your own. Don't buy Sarah L** cakes make your own.
We have been doing this as a family for over 11 years and in this time we have cut out suggary drinks, preprocessed foods, snacks etc. Our children our 11, 10 and 6. It can be done.

Don't eat preprocessed rubbish is the answer.

Before anyone screams "time" at me, I work full 12 hr days and still find (make) time to cook for the children and adults in the house. OK they eat late but healthily.

Stop buying it, take away the market and big business will stop making it.

posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 06:47 AM
The answer may be simplicity, but these days you have to watch the basics, milk, bread & cheese can be bad for you, i went throguh all of these in my research project, the trick is to buy 100% organic, its the only safe food these days.


posted on Oct, 4 2007 @ 07:10 AM
Annestacey is an ATS'r who knows a lot about chemical and additives in food, I'd be interested to hear her view on these E class additives...

From what you guys have posted here, I'm certainly going to be taking a look at some of the foods I eat from now on, and try to eliminate foods containing these additives...

Great post OP
and thanks to others for their contributions...


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