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3801 - The Governments Corruption

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posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 05:33 AM
This topic may contain some foreign info so here is some background on the parties involved.

NSW is a state of Australia called New South Wales, the current major rail heritage group is New South Wales Rail Transport Museum (NSWRTM) which is run by the government and currently has hundreds of loco's sitting under a un-walled shelter which is still very much open to the harsh cold and wet enviroment, not to mention the dust paths throughout the museum which add further to the rust and dust eroded locomotives.. They also have many more locomotives and carriages sitting in the extremes of weather and all of these some-what priceless heritage pieces have been left out to erode down to bare metal and wood.

3801 Ltd. is a company started up to help preserve 3801, Arguably Australia's most famous steam locomotive, Due to the lack of commitment and enthusiasm of the RTM to preserve what is unarguably Australia's most recognisable icon of railway history, which is certainly one of the major contributors to the society that we live in. 3801 Ltd were given operational control of this locomotive, and in doing so with the help of many dedicated volunteers, helped promote this significant part of our national history

3801 at the end of this year will be taken out of service like many other engines that are in NSWRTM's possession. All of them since being taken out of service so-far have not been returned to service.

3112 is an old steam locomotive of significant historical value and is older then your grandparents

North West Coach Builders is a carriage building company that have built an observation car that bought much business to 3801 Ltd. until they recieved a large pay-out to stop dealings with 3801 Ltd. and work solely with New South Wales Rail Transport Museum.


So as to destroy New South Wales railway heritage the government has paid a $14 mil grant to the New South Wales Rail Transport Museum so they don't re-new the lease with 3801 Ltd.

They have also paid North West Coach Builders pay-outs so they don't hire out carriages to 3801 Ltd. and they have paid many sums of money to get TV companies to move in next to the current operating base of 3801 Ltd. so they will go out of business due to limits on noise and times they can operate their fleet diesel locomotives.

Along with this New South Wales Rail Transport Museum have faded the 3801 Ltd. logo's and kept the ex-3801 Ltd. carriages in the open so as to give 3801 Ltd. a bad name and try give the impression 3801 Ltd. do not care for their carriages or locomotives.

On top of all the above corruption they also bought 3112 a steam loco that was being allowed to operate under 3801 Ltd.'s accreditation by its owner then sold it to someone else and introduced new rules so 3112 is no longer allowed within the Suburban network, due to these rules the owner has taken the loco away and she will probably NEVER run again.

This is also not to mention the many paid workers who kept 3801 Ltd. who got screwed over and promised jobs within New South Wales Transport Museum who at the last minute decided that these people were redundant to their needs and left them on the streets.

All this because our caring and loving government is looking out for the people....

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posted on Sep, 21 2007 @ 05:37 AM
As a follow-up

This is how 3801 was BEFORE going to 3801 Ltd.

As run and restored by 3801 Ltd.

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