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Cornwall Nationlists?!

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posted on Sep, 20 2007 @ 12:22 PM
What do Palestine, Kurdistan, and Cornwall have in common?
Give up? They are all repressed people trapped underfoot by rampant imperialism. The latter is a country that is so lamentably close to our own.

Forgive me, but am I they only one who finds this kind of random? I'm pretty sure not many people like Rick Stein or Jamie Oliver, but there's no point of bombing those "incomers" The real enemy is the Blairite Junta who keep the Cornish down!
Though to be honest, you'd have to go to the Medieval ages to find any mention of Cornwall being known as a separate kingdom instead of a county of England. I'm not sure if this is relevant either, but Cornwall did not make pastries since everyone else in the other isles ate stuff with pastry as well. It only got it's name, because it was popular with tin miners.
Anyways, yeah. It's wrong to bomb celebrity chefs. Though Rick Stein isn't from Cornwall, he is the uncle of Judge Jules. That is a fact.

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