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posted on Sep, 16 2007 @ 05:41 AM
Speaks for itself really. I just thought its one of the best resources on UFOs in the Bible that Ive ever seen. If you like it leave a track here.


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The Bible UFO Connection

The Ultimate Guide to UFOs and Their Occupants

Flying Vehicles and Advanced Technology in the Bible
The Vehicles - Flight Characteristics - The Beings - The Technology - Close Encounters

You Must be Born Again?
Is it Scriptural?

Close Encounters of the Historical Kind
UFO Quotations UFOs in History UFOs And The Media UFO Investigations UFO Videos

The Bible and the Paranormal
A New Perspective

The Cometa Report
The French UFO Report in English

The Real News
What's Really Going On That Effects the World!

Spirits in the Sky UFOs - The Flying Gods
These are two new videos we have in distribution about this work available for viewing.

"Spirits in the Sky - The Flying Gods"
We are producing a documentary on this work and sharing the first stages with our readers.

Heaven is the Sky
The key to understanding the true nature of God and why he travels in the sky.

The Terrible Truth - Humanity on the Edge of Annihilation
A warning to the world about its headlong rush into disaster and looming possibility self-destruction.

The Ancient Wisdom Forum
A forum for those who would like to participate in a discussion group about the concepts on this website.

This work is not about aliens or satanic UFOs and does not claim the Gods are aliens.

A Statement of Purpose

The Introduction

The Paradigms

An Overview of this Research

The Alien Enigma
Research that shows God does travel in UFOs but is not an alien.

Are UFOs Evil?
Is Satan using UFOs to deceive mankind or is he using a more effective method?

Fallen Angels and UFOs
A Maze of Misconception

The UFO Paradigm
No greater dilemma confronts humanity than why it is here, and where it is going.

This work does not support the concepts of
Zechariah Sitchin, The International Raelian Movement

The Incredible Gospel of Jesus
Humanity's Greatest Quest

The Coming of Jesus, the Christ
What the Bible indicates will happen before, during, and after the "Second" Coming.

The Great Deception

Humanity Incorporated
High Evil in the Corporate World

The Logic Behind the UFO Cover-up
Is the cover-up of UFOs part of the deception?

The Two Witnesses of the Revelation
A New Look at this Event

Recent Articles

Close Encounters of the Biblical Kind
An amazing look at at the encounters between God and man.

Heaven's Gate
The Deadly Delusion Continues

The Great Battle in Heaven
A Paradigm Out of Order

UFO Disclosure – The Harsh Reality
UFO disclosure may eventually reveal much more than we ever imagined.

Fallen Angels and UFOs
A Maze of Misconception

The Countdown to Armageddon
Everything the "Left Behind" Movement Left Out

An Archive of Our Most Recent Articles

Flying Vehicles and Advanced Technology in the Bible
The largest published collection of biblical verses, revealing the highly advanced nature of the beings of the Bible.

The Connecting Verses
Flying Vehicles and Advanced Technology in 40 Categories

The Vehicles
What are they flying?

Flight Patterns
How do these vehicles appear in flight?

The Beings
Who is flying the vehicles?

The Technology
What technology do they possess?

The Lost Books of the Bible - Anomalies In The Lost Books
Flying Vehicles and Advanced Technology in the Lost Books of the Bible

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Search This Website
An Internal Search Engine for this Work

The Connections

This site is also a unique database containing a wealth of information on Historical UFO
Sightings, Crashes, Quotations, Investigations, the Paranormal, and Ancient Advanced Technology.

An Introduction
An Introduction to this Section

The Connections
An Index of this Section

Close Encounters of the Historical Kind
An Introduction to UFOs in History

UFOs in History
Thousands of Years with Thousands of Historical UFO Sightings

UFO Quotations
Quotes About UFOs Presidents, Government Officials, Scientists, and the Public

UFOs And The Media
Media Articles from Around the World

UFO Investigations
A Guide to Government Probes

Project Blue Book Unknowns
Hundreds of the Unknown Sightings from Project Blue Book

How To Debunk Just About Anything
How and Why Debunkers Think and Act

15 Reasons Why Science Should Re-Examine the UFO Phenomenon
An Interesting Perspective on the Issue

UFO Crashes
A Unique Collection of Historical UFO Crash Reports

The UFO Conundrum
The Theories and the Theorists

The Logic Behind the UFO Cover-up
Ignorance or a Planned Deception?

Human Phenomena In The Bible
What the Bible Says About the Powers of Humans

Human Phenomena In The World
A Compendium of the Strange Powers of Humans

The Incredible Human Body
An Interesting Look at an Incredible Organism

A Comprehensive Assembly of Information About Giants

Ancient Artwork
An Unrivaled Gallery of Ancient Anomalous Artwork

Ancient Construction
Ancient Monoliths and Megaliths

The Strange Steps of Mesoamerica
Why do the steps on the megaliths of Mesoamerica seem to built for beings other than humans?

The Giza Oracle - The Great Pyramid
The Great Pyramid at Giza may have been built by the Gods of the Bible, (Isaiah 19:19)

Pyramid Graphics from Around the World

Great Obelisks of the Ancient World

Ancient Technology
Evidence of modern technology in an ancient world

Worldwide Anomalies
Terrestrial and Aerial Phenomea

The World's Gods
A Comparison of the World's Spiritual Beings
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The Doctrines of Men

This section will explain why this verse was not just meant for the time of the Christ:

"And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?"
Luke 6:46

The Bible UFO Connection is often criticized for presenting concepts contrary, or completely
unsubstantiated in the orthodox beliefs of the church. "The Doctrines of Men" was created to show that, though this may be true, virtually nothing the "church" teaches, practices, or believes has any basis in scripture. Through exhaustive biblical research, this work presents a new paradigm about exactly what the Bible teaches, and reveals incredible truths buried under centuries of alteration of the very foundations of the true church Jesus inspired.

The Reality of God
Is the god of the pulpit the God of the Bible? Are religious leaders the creation and tool of the true God or is

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