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6 years later and security still sucks!

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posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 03:16 PM
So, I went with my girlfriends family (the dad died in the WTC attacks) to the ceremony on 9/11/07. Only Families and rescue workers were allowed to go to the ceremony and go down the pit to ground zero. I took pictures of Ground Zero, i will post them by tomorrow, its just a pain in the ass to get pictures from my phone onto my comp. Anyway, this lady gave me a pin indicating that I was a Family Member. Right after that, I walked right in. No metal detectors, no searching, no id'ing, nothing. I purposely walked behind my girlfriends family and said I was with them and none of them even confirmed that I was.

Ok, so now I'm in the ceremony. Governor James Mcgreevy was standing right behind me. My girlfriends mom said to me, he looks familiar is that the governor of NJ. So I look back and then turn to her and say 'yeah, I forgot his name, I think its that gay guy'. And she goes 'shhhhhhhh'. And I look back and hes staring at me with a half smile. So, Mcgreevy heard me call him gay. I just wanted to share that.

Anyway, Guiliani gets up to speak and he is about 10 feet away from me. I could've been loaded with weapons. I was never searched or ID'ed!

Also, I did see a few truthers walking around, and I really hate to say it but geraldo was right... they really aren't the most attractive group of people. Maybe thats one reason people tend to stay away from them.

So, I'll post the pics of Ground Zero as soon as I get a chance.

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