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A diffrent look into the abyss part #1 The rebirth of dark ages

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posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 04:27 AM
High up upon the fields of infinity sits an icy citidel....with its many dark halls and hoards of those which history has lost names. deep within the heart of this dark fortress sits the thrones of blackend hearts,kings of the blood flowing fields of tartarus.Worriors of old who have become wraiths of salvation......and treat redemption with the swing of a sword. black souls of the abyss who have forgotten what the rays of the sun felt like upon their emotionless faces ,All they know is pain...all they embrace is hatred. in there midst spans numberless amounts of souls ......soldiers ready for war,not even the golden gods of vallhala would turn there backs upon the numberless draconian hoards who dwell in this place of fallen angels and lost souls .
Amidst these damned souls in the blackend cathedral that spans many milleniums of bloody wars and dark tyrants ,There are seven circles of wrath ,earned badges of purely enraged anger and blood fueled warmongers who have made sacrafice on the alters of pain and torment, waiting for there time to rise when cronos gives the command for a new era to begin.
and the final sacrafice is given so cerebus may break from his chains of eternity .
When this new aeon shows its beastley face, the time of heros and the good hearted will end and the anti-hero with the dark age of anubis as his guide will rise and bring the weakness of libreal beliefs and actions to a new form, only the strong shall endure and man will return to its natural carnal state of mind and bring upon the sleeping beasts of old the nightmare that is known only as demons, fore mankind is weakend by conservitive thought and moral code and the truth that is the law of the jungle shall be embraced.

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