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posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 04:15 AM
normally i dont read too much into conspiracy and the likes, but alot of what i read here left me wondering, so i read up from time to time to see what people think about what happened to our country on this horrifying day. recently i was directed by a friend to this site.

now, if this has already been discussed here, i havent seen the thread, but please feel free to point it out to me and remove the thread.

alot of whats gone over on this webpage seems a bit fishy to me, but ive checked out some of the information and sources, and the majority of them seem to be at least marginally reputable. like i stated previously, im not too up on the whole consipiracy thing, but i figured id post it here to get what i consider, concrete feedback from people that i believe are among the most credible sources on the internet. can you guys take a look here and see if im just being smokescreened and paranoid, or is this something we should all be worried about?


the only thing i could prove to be false here is that nukes are shipped on the ground, and this i was told by my friend's father. He's a retired Lt. Col. and he was a nuclear weapons officer under the ordinance core; he served both at Navajo and Papago installations as Director of Supply. That means he was in charge of munitions and what was being done with them, where they would go, etc. He told me that nukes have been shipped by plane for years.

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