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Jesus the teller of 4911”mashal” Parables. Not a giver of illustrations.

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posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 07:49 PM
People don't want you to know what JESUS was called in the Torah

Many time the KJV translates JAH or YAH as LORD PS77:11, 90:8, 94:6,11, 102:18,19, 107:1,3,4,7,45 along with many many other references. This NAME (YAH or JAH) is Not to be confused with the name for God the father “The ALL MIGHTY”

It was said that Jah or Yah (3050) Strongs Hebrew number (YOD) ((The hand of the ALL MIGHTY ))+ (HE) ((the way)) also known as THE SACRED NAME would be the teller of 4911Strongs Hebrew number ”mashal” Parables. Not a giver of illustrations.

The word that has been translated as Messiah comes from the root word 4871Strongs Hebrew number “mashah” (as to pull out) what you do when you twist fibers of wool from a distaff to make yarn or a THREAD. That is why a story is some times called a “Yarn” .

The word “parable” is translated from the Hebrew word 4911 Strongs Hebrew number ”mashal” where one symbol “He” (The Way) and replaced with another “Lamed” (the handle)

Homer the explained Parables this way :“ The Trojan saw the out side of the horse (the parable) and the Greeks KNEW what was in side the horse (parable) men who could open the gate!!!!!!!

That is why when in Mark 14:61-62 the Jews asked If HE was the Christ? (Or Messiah in Hebrew “the teller of parables”) My Lord JAH Quoted an ancient PARABLE of Pa Hanok chapter 2 which spoke of the messiah.


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