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3 Reasons the American Public Deserves to Lose Their Freedoms

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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 06:23 PM
First off, when I say the American Public, I mean in general. I know there are some members of our country that are itching for the chance to fight off the current and future tyranny that we are facing/will face.

3. Lack of Morality: Our levels of morality have PLUMMETED in this country over the last few decades. When Britney Spears' inability to wear panties and keep her legs closed and Paris Hilton's sex tape are "top news stories", something is wrong. Not to mention the divorce rate and single parent homes being at an all time high. Now, naturally, some single parent and divorce situations are understandable. However, when marriage becomes a hobby for some as it has for many in this country and just about every female you know has 3 to 5 kids with 3 to 5 dads, the red flag SHOULD be going up. But, it's become such a common occurence, we hardly even bat an eye anymore. Of course, like marriage, sometimes these things do happen beyond a person's control. However, this is more the exception than the rule. People in this country have become WAYYYYY to loose (no pun intended) about sex. A good majority of the young people in this country look at sex as something just another thing to do to pass the night away. Only when they get someone knocked up or they turn up with the clap or AIDS does sex mean anything to them. It is truly pathetic and a bit disgusting.

2. Ignorance - When I was growing up, I went to the public library on a daily basis and it was ALWAYS packed. Now, when I go, it's EMPTY accept for the computer room and people surfing the net. We have become so enamored with our Wii's, xbox 360's, ps3's, high def. televisions and computers that a good majority of us haven't picked up a book to read it in YEARS. What ever happened to that desire to LEARN that was in so many of us at one time or another? Naturally, I'm not addressing my fellowship at ATS as, trolls aside, you wouldn't be here if you didn't harbor that desire to learn. However, most people in America can tell you who won the ballgame last night or who they want to win Survivor or some other B.S. reality show, yet can't tell you who the Governor of their state is. (Unless they live in California.) The dumbing down of America by those in power who count on an ignorant populace to further their tyranny has been a near complete success. The majority of us care far more about some dumb stuck up celebrity than we do about the people who decide what freedom we will lose next. But hey, as long as they keep Dr. Phil and Oprah on, who cares right?

1. Apathy: Naturally, I would choose this as the number one reason we, as a whole, DESERVE to lose our freedoms. I truly believe the apathy of the American public is the main reason WHY things in this country have gone so far down hill. We have people in this country today who will go to the polls in November of next year and vote for candidates based on the (R) or (D) next to their name. They couldn't care less what that (R) or (D) does when they get into office, so long as their particular letter is the one that gets there. The majority of the American public is SO apathetic in regards to policy in this country AND their liberties that they don't even care that our system of democracy isn't even a democracy. They never even stop to think, "Hey, if I'm allowed to vote for whoever I want in this election, why am I only given two choices?" How can we possibly have fair elections in this country when you don't stand a chance if you aren't a Republicrat? Is that liberty? Not in my book! If the American public TRULY cared about our system of government and elections, they would have long ago slain this beast that is the two party system. But hey, why should they care right? Choosing between 2 candidates in hassle enough, they don't need that 3rd, 4th, 5th or, god forbid, 6th name on there just to confuse them. The American public, as a whole, has become so apathetic that they simply take what the government gives them and never think twice about it. Even those that are "in the know" that follow the vast talk radio empire on a daily basis only seem to know what they are told by whatever "savior" they bow to. All you have to do to realize this is turn on Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh at any time that they are on. You will hear callers spewing the exact same rhetoric they threw out 5 minutes earlier right back at them. They ONLY care because Rush or Sean or Glenn or whomever told them WHAT to care about and WHEN to care about it. They never actually care enough to take time out of their day to RESEARCH for THEMSELVES what they should and should not care about.

The American government can continue to take away liberties without nationwide interference because the American public as a whole simply doesn't care. As long as they are placated with their mind numbing entertainment at night, they are fine. If you want to see a truly passionate American public, ban the NFL and MLB. You'd have riots in the streets by midnight. However, make it perfectly legal to search their home without a warrant and they don't even bat an eye. Make it a cake walk to take away their land anytime you see fit and virtually GIVE IT AWAY to some multi billion dollar company and "hey, who cares as long as it's not MY land."

Apathy has nearly destroyed the America that could be. We simply just do not seem to give a (this word makes mods cry) anymore so long as we are not directly slapped in the face.

Those of you out there that fall under this veil of apathy, those of you who think it's perfectly fine for a President to do what he pleases, when he pleases, those of you who think it's "un-American" to criticize the decisions of the government, you ALL deserve the tyranny that is being heaped upon you.

When those FEMA officials come knocking on your door to take you and your family away for matters of "national security", you don't DESERVE to have the right to try to fight them. Your lack of caring will be EXACTLY what put you there.

People in this country have forgotten that freedom is NOT free. It should NOT be given, it should be EARNED and the majority of this country simply isn't earning it anymore. They have become so non caring in this country that a good many of their "rights" as American citizens have already been taken from them. Laws that would make our "forefathers" cringe are being passed almost DAILY.

Yet, we sit at home, drink our beer, turn on the tube and become so comfortably numb.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 08:43 PM
Excellent analysis of the sleepy US public (in general) and like you stated yourself, number 3 is really number 1 in terms of why (followed by number 2 and finally original number 1) the nation is in the mess it is.

Let me define some words I am going to use:
Freedom - the absence of or release from ties, obligations, policy, etc
Liberty - freedom from external or foreign rule; independence.

Why do YOU believe so many people are apathetic SimiusDei?

I believe it is because they willingly traded their liberty for a (false) sense of security and now see no way out. They have the choice of dealing with their fear head-on by re-taking their liberty and self-responsibility OR continuing to allow the corrupt to lead their lives and hide their own fears from themselves. I believe apathy is a result of taking the second option when you are aware that your leaders are not acting in your best interests...

Most US citizens I have spoken with are very apathetic and secretly afraid that it is already too late for them to take back their liberty (it is NEVER too late BTW). Out of everyone I've spoken with, 3 out of 5 simply do not vote because they see both parties as different sides of the same coin (which they ARE) and cannot see any way to change 'The System' from within...

There is not much we can do for the likes of them... (-_-)

They have (unconsciously) chosen to relinquish their liberty - they are now property of TPTB (The Privatized Terrorist Bankers). I find it kind of frustrating at times to speak with these kinds of people, as they seem to be on automatic pilot 24/7. When I bring up the fact that there is always a choice, they either politely change subject, find an excuse to leave, or become angry and hostile with me directly. And let me say, it is VERY funny to be calm and collected while someone is blowing up in your face.

I say we keep on doing what we do:
Seek truth, share truth, create for ourselves.

If the sheep want to be sheared before winter, that is THEIR choice. I personally am going to keep a nice n' warm wool coat for myself, because that is MY choice.

I cannot be bothered with what others create for themselves - ESPECIALLY when they have no desire for truth in the first place. It would only drain my energy and leave me feeling defeated (because I cannot change anyone's mind but my own). I choose to feel vitalized and celebrate my liberty, because I can and I need no-one else in order to do so!

Chin up mate!

WE are in control!

Even if FEMA officials come to my door guns drawn with fingers on the triggers, they cannot take away my liberty unless I allow them to. They can shout and threaten all they want - they do not, will not, and never have owned what is mine. And if they wanted to help me into the next dimension, so be it. I would be laughing at the extent of their ignorance.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 08:52 PM
Great thread and answers guys.

The only way at this point is NOT protests, the law system, etc.

Its using violence to fight back. I don't care what anyone tells me about violence not being the way. As a nation many individuals have exhausted all legal and civil avenues and WE ALL KNOW when talking doesn't work there is only one alternative.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 09:08 PM
Absolutely correct.

Apathy will kill us anyday now- and if anyone thinks that we can take action AFTER the shoe drops, they're sadly mistaken. The time to have taken action was long ago. Hell, there's still time. Its a nation of 300 million + chickens, not people.

The websites are saying that if there's a nuclear attack, we will know the government did it and we will kick their asses out of office- HUH??

Pardon me?
Wont that be a tad too late?????

I'm just sick of the whole thing. WHAT IS EVERYONE SO AFRAID OF????


There is none because of apathy.

As a peoples, we are the stupidest in the world. I include myself.
The world laughs at us and rightfully so.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 09:12 PM
I was going to just pass by after reading this thread but I could not resist.
Since I am just a faceless individual on a keyboard and you are on the other end, none of this really matters.

Thank you for your broad generalization of the American people.

Where I live people are very angry. They are sick and tired of the way our government is being run. Change does not happen over night. We got ourselves in to this situation and we shall get ourselves out again.

While I slightly agree on the morals issue, it is a grey area. Your beliefs and views as to what morals should or shouldn't be could be completely different than me or anyone elses. What someone does behind closed doors is their business. What an idiot in the spotlight does out in the open is laughable. Saldy there are those who look up to the Paris Hiltons of the world, which is a shame.

As for apathy, I couldn't disagree more. It is an assumption on your part to think otherwise. I may not know a ton of people but those that I do know, research anything that that question because the news is just a bunch of sound bits for ratings and for instilling yet more fear in to an already fear monger controlled nation. This too shall pass.

But I do not think you will agree simply because of the statement in you sig. Compassion is a crutch, I believe it says? Then why bother taking the time to create this thread? So some part of you has compassion for your fellow man. But that is an assumption on my part. You vent about the state of affairs in the U. S., stating these so called reasons why we deserve to lose our freedoms instead of coming up with a solution. Without compassion for our fellow man, we are doomed and the war is already over. Just my two cents.


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