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Cases of Buildings Similar to WTC 7 Collapsing The Same Way Without CD?

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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 04:47 PM
Are there any known cases of buildings like WTC 7 that have collapsed the same way that building did that were not Controlled Demolitions?

For you believers in the Official 9/11 Story, can you provide us with information including photo's of 47 story skyscrapers (or close to it) that have collapsed into a verticle free fall into their own footprint due to fire only where everything has ended up also into a fine powder?

I would think that if buildings fall this way anyway, then why are there so many building demolition company's out there? I mean, based on how WTC 7 fell (straight down and into a hole), who needs controlled demolition when all one has to do is start a few small fires in their building to bring it down whereby saving hundreds of thousands of dollars one would normally have to pay to a demolition company?

So thanks to WTC 7, now any owner of a 47 story skyscrapper now knows that he does not need to hire a demolition company to bring down his skyscrapper because he can just do it himself by starting up a few small fires! And what's also nice about this is that at the end of the vertical drop down fall, the building itself including everything in it will have been pulverized into a fine powder for easy clean up!!

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posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 06:49 PM
*generic debunker reply*

i'll reply with another question before someone says that a debunker will reply this way..........

do you have an similar 100+ story buildings be struck with aircraft.....(that in my opinion had a double bomb in the basement?)...that caused a collapse and it's material to fall onto a seperate building....?

p.s. i posted before i finished the reply....

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