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archive radio interviews of david icke-global dictatorships

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posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 02:31 PM
1) Realplayer) has interviews with David Icke about how we take back control of our reality(from manipulators) & reach infinite love. He talks about amazing things outside our normal reality, & how the universe is holographic, & his experiences with ayahuasca(a plant from South America which takes people outside physical reality). Most are one 1 hour each. You can use your sound recorder software to record it.
(Some recordings are not clear, so set the graphic equalizer:
sep11: 1k & 3k high, 6k 12k 14k & 16k bottom
11-01(lifting veil): 1k & 3k high, 12k 14k & 16k bottom
mar04: 1k 3k 6k top, 12k bottom
mar03: 1k bottom, 3k 6k 12k top).

2)There's another at hour mp3-48kbps).

3) has another with Larry Mckone. (1 hour in 4 equal parts: part 1 is irrelevant, 3 & 4 are called David_Icke_tv3.mp3 & David_Icke_tv4.mp3 It's 32kbps, so you can stream it on a 56k dial up modem, although it is clear if it's downloaded. If anyone has a fast connection I'd appreciate it if they could place those 3 files on a website & let me know its address.) is a revealing article he wrote about how those in power harmed the weather using electromagnetic radiation, which created hurricanes, & what really happened after hurricane katrina when enforcement officers arrived.

On a visit to South Africa he met Credo Mutwa, a shaman, who told him about the reptilians who can shape-shift. Credo told him there was a horrific secret he knew about the British royal family. David said that he knew that they oversaw the drug smuggling operations, but Credo told him that it was much worse than that, but did not reveal it. David is hoping to find out in the future what it is.

David revealed the plans of how those in power are trying to microchip everyone, hence the introduction of ID cards. The microchips were made by the CIA, whose people were forced into making them: patches(like shampoo sachets) are sown into their body. They contain a drug that their body needs, which have to be renewed every 72 hours, otherwise they die a slow painful death. One of them told David about it.

I've met David several times in dreams. Once we were in South America & saw kids, who could lift a brick wall like someone could lift up a curtain. I later see a radiator, which gives infinite energy! If only others could see this! I realize that if they did, people would be healed. Another time I saw a parade of trucks carrying things. I was asked what they were made of. It was obvious - nothing. They were holographic illusions. has great information about people's experiences with (mostly extremely violent)reptilians. A few of them have even married them.

[Linux: download realplayer from
Open a console in the file manager(e.g. konqueror) in the folder with realplayer, type: su or sudo (depending upon your Linux version), then your password. Type
chmod a+x RealPlayer10GOLD.bin (case sensitive - easier to rename it real.bin first)
specify directory: /usr/local/realplayer

It's then in the multimedia part of start menu.]

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