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Jasn's Bonus Rant -- Volume 2.5 "The Bashing of Beliefs"

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posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 07:59 PM
Whether you are christian, atheist, muslim or subscribe to anything other set of "beliefs", you have, at one time or other, encountered someone who feels the need to bash the beliefs you hold near and dear.

It's about time people friggin GROW UP and stop with the damn faith bashing.

The two groups I tend to find most proficient of this particular violation are the christians and (I'm sorry to say) my fellow atheists.

What the hell is the matter with you people? Are you so damn insecure in your own faith that you must attempt to completely tear down someone else's? Or, are you guys just so damn full of hate that you can't resist the chance to distribute your bile to the masses?

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not talking about you guys that have a "civil" discussion on the matter and throw logical points at each other. I'm talking about the asshats that feel the need to sink to the "How can you HONESTLY believe in (insert appopriate word here)?" level.

If you shoot over to the religion based forums, you are apt to see FAR MORE posts that only serve the purpose of trying to put down someone's faith.

WHY? What the hell are you accomplishing for doing this?

If you are a christian, what benefit befalls you for telling an atheist that he/she is a moron for having faith that there is no god? And for you atheists, what's your reward for telling an atheist they are a moron for having faith that there IS a god?

Do you guys really feel that you are such at odds with one another? Is it so horrible in your eyes for someone to belief the way they do that you feel you simply can't go on without throwing in your two pennies worth to enlighten a member of an opposing faith as to just how ignorant they are?

Last time I checked, NO spiritual or religion based faiths have either been proven or disproven sufficiently enough as to deem one who has/has not accepted it "ignorant".

Perhaps it's simply a case of certain people seeking out ways they can better fit the profile of an a-hole? Or, perhaps you people are just scared that the other person might be "right'?

I don't know. I'm sure, in this case as well as others, some of you make justifiable points. However, a point being justified doesn't necessarily mean that you have the right or obligation to try and hurt someone else's faith with it.

Personally, I think you guys need to grow the hell up and learn how to be comfortable enough in your own beliefs that you do not feel the need to seek and destroy someone else's.

What I find particularly funny is, some of these people that are multi time offenders of this disgrace are the first one's that jump out of the woodwork when someone bashes someone who is black or latino or any other "minority" type group.

I find it quite hilarious that these people can so easily jump up to defend racial bigotry, yet they are guilty of the "crime" of SPIRITUAL bigotry.

Newsflash people, calling someone an idiot/moron/whatever based exclusively on what particular deity they to believe in/not believe in, is no better than throwing the word "'n-word'" at a black guy or "cracker" at a white guy. (NOTE FOR MODS: I am using these words to prove a point. I am not referring to anyone in particular. If you feel the need to edit them out, please do so in a manner that leaves the POINT in. Also, I have a sever disliking for political correctness. Thank you in advance.)

As a matter of fact, some people hold their spiritual beliefs in a much higher regard than they do their own particular "race". And in that instance, it could be argued that bashing their beliefs is WORSE than the racial slurs that sometimes get thrown around.

It's pathetic and it needs to stop. You would think that one that lives in a world SLAM FULL of diversity wouldn't be so damn quick to judge and/or label another.

Though I am an atheist, I would like to refer you to a little "rule" you guys may have heard of. It actually fits what I'm speaking of quite nicely. That rule goes somewhere along the lines of "treat others as you would have them treat you." You may have heard of it along the way.

Perhaps it's time some of us started actually EXERCISING this rule.


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