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Ognion defeats Antichrist and NWO

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posted on Jun, 24 2007 @ 08:32 AM
Nostradamus predicted it. You need to see Antichrist in current global agenda and NWO, only later maybe in a single person. After all, beast from the sea with thorns (well known statue) and 'by peace he shall destroy many' may refer to current Middle East operation in the name of Freedom. Sure it is freedom when they blow you to pieces...

I p 274

Ogmios is the counterforce to the Antichrist who will help tear down
the tyranny and balance the universe in a way that is harmonious to
man's central spiritual source. He will be supported by many
countries still fighting the Antichrist. He will probably arise from
the underground movement. In one of the countries conquered by the
Antichrist the underground will be tightly organized. Ogmios will
arise from it, and confront the Antichrist in the area in Eurasia
close to Constantinople, as WWWIII is approaching its end. Ogmios wil
come from somewhere in central Europe. He is very well prepared
spiritually for the task, because his opponent is very powerful with
a strong aura of negative powers.

Ogmios will be "of the people". He will have worked up through the
ranks from a simple background, attaining his accomplishments
through honest work. He will have technical training but will rely
mainly on his practicality. He's an old soul who has his priorities
straight and can see the root of matters. He is one who will help
pave the way for the "Great Genius". Ogmios realizes he is not the
one to lead the world to ultimate peace, but he is the one to help
bring down "the one who would destroy the world" (the Antichrist) to
open the way for the one who will guide the world to ultimate peace.

I p 277 (cV-24)

The organization run by Ogmios will survive the worst of the time of
troubles and will serve the basis for future governments after the
Antichrist is put down. The "glory of the sun" is behind Ogmios; is
is a man of great stature, but has a direct, sometimes "gruff"
personality. He makes a good friend but a terrible enemy. He will be
an upstanding man of strong principles and morals, making him a
strong adversary to the Antichrist. His principles are his own and
not influenced by dogma, and his organization under his leadership is
the effective opposition to the Antichrist, but he is not haughty.

I p 277 (cII-85)

Ogmios will be "small" in that his forces and resources are meager.
His underground movement will be scraping to keep body and soul

I p 275 (D.Cannon's note)

Ogmios is the Celtic equivalent of Hercules. He is represented as an
old, bald-headed man with wrinkled and sun-burnt skin yet possessing
the attributes of Hercules. He draws a multitude of joyful followers
and admirers by beautiful chains of gold and amber attached to their
ears. The other end of the chains are fixed to his tongue, and he
bestows on his captives a smiling face. This is the native god of
eloquence, regarded with the reverence given to Hercules, because he
had accomplished his feats through glorious speech. His speech shows
itself best in his old age. The chains indicate the bond between the
orator's tongue and the ears of enraptured listeners.

Originally he refers to him as Ognion not Ogmios. Maybe he wants to tell us something. Using English Qabalah / gematria Ognion produces same value as Jesus, that is 444 (some prefer 888). I am not saying Ognion is Jesus, but he may work and help people before Second Coming.

So what do you think? Is Ogmios Antichrist or someone who helps peopl defeat him?

posted on Jun, 26 2007 @ 11:48 PM
Hmmm.......are we forseeing another actor in the never ending battle of good vs. evil????

Great job for pointing out that Quatrain. Nostradamus has always been the center of attention for predictions. He seems to be on the level of John the Baptists' prophecies. Imma look into this further and thanks for pointing it out. Maybe other Nostradamus fans will of heard of this before and give us some insight.

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