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Think Honor Killing only happens in the Middle East- Think Again!

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posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 05:20 AM
A kurdish father from Britain accused his daughter of being too"Westernized" and falling in love with the wrong man. He ordered her to be killed.Why in this day and age does this still happen? I realize their beliefs are different but what justifies this?She was a very beautiful woman.So sad.

posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 07:51 AM
I find it totally disturbing that these honour killings happen under our noses, the same news article states that the police are investigating around 100 cases. How can these parents do this kind of thing to there own children. Very sad indeed.

posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 08:51 AM
Kurokage asks: ' How can these parents do this kind of thing to their own children? '

I ask: How dare our Western politicians inflict these half-civilized savages on our communities?

If I wanted to live amongst people who would rather kill their own daughters than surrender control of them (and all the incestuous sexual elements within that 'control') then I'd move to their Dark Ages societies.

But I don't.

I liked my country fine, before half the semi-civilized world moved in here, dragging their Stone Age mentality with them. Now my country is becoming as disgusting as theirs. All Western societies are struggling under the burden of these creatures --- just the way the Zionists planned it and are now crowing with glee about.

The back-lash will come, and with it, the planned and hoped-for 'holy wars' the Zionists are salivating in anticipation over.

The Zionists orchestrate the wars which cause the diplacement, which in turn is used by the 'refugees' to clamour for asylum in Western nations. The Zionists are hell-bent on destroying Western cultures. They feel justifiably inferior, but instead of lifting their own game, they're determined to drag down those they're so jealous of.

Let's be frank: these sex-obsessed islamic child-killers are not fit to live in Western nations. And most of us wish they'd go back to where they do belong: in the 9th century and preferably in the Gobi Desert, far, far away.

Their beliefs are different, alright. And they're going to cling to that 'difference', because it gives the men total control of women. Their focus is on sex. Sex. Similar to bonobos. Sex, money, power and playing 'big shot' before the other males in their primitive society.

'Honour' killing is just a Westernised term. What it really means is that their men believe --- and insist their women comply with such beliefs --- that women are objects: objects with breasts and vaginas that are owned by men, are to be bartered and sold between men in the same way as goats; are the property of men, lifelong.

The primitive males of this culture/religion are SO ignorant, unenlightened and backwards --- so determined to evade personal responsibility for their OWN sexuality --- that they insist their women 'cover up' so as not to tempt them and other men.

So what do they do when they pass a cake-shop and long for a pastry? Do the men of this culture/religion smash the window of the cake-shop to get at what they want?

No, of course not. They're able to control themselves in that situation. Because their focus in not on 'controlling' cake-shops.

It's women they're determined to control and destroy.

They've always been able to do that and they have no intention of changing to suit the Western nations they've invaded. They insist host nations adapt to their ways. Beggars can't be choosers. If you can't pay for it, haven't earned it, yet still want it to the degree you are prepared to beg for it --- then you get what you're handed and say 'thank you'. That's what we're taught in the West.

They want to live in the West, come hell or high water. They can't pay for it, haven't earned it, aren't prepared to adapt to the host-nations culture and standards. Yet when they arrive, they begin making demands as if they're princes: ' We want exclusively muslim schools. We want to erect mosques in the middle of your ancient European towns and cities --- and moreover, we expect YOU to pay for it and tip your hat as you pass. Furthermore ---- stop playing Christian Christmas carols. Stop practising your own religion and culture and adapt to ours.'' And our Zionist politicians (we pay for them, too) tip their hat and grant the invaders' demands ----- AND demand we do the same, under threat of being labelled 'racist' (the Zionists invented political-correctness and 'racism', all the better to stifle dissent and ensure obedience to the Zionist controlled New World Order).

Guess we have choices: tell the invaders to quieten down and fit in --- or toss the lot of them back to where they came from --- or get used to seeing 'honour' beheadings in our ancient town squares.

Give them enough time and they'll be demanding the women of the host-nations cover themselves up head to toe in table-cloths too, so they won't 'tempt' or 'lead astray' all those homosexually-inclined-in-any-case muslim male 'masters'.

These people are backwards. Accepting them into Western nations means three steps backwards for those host-nations. Most Westerners do not like the invaders' customs or religion -- nor are they required to. It takes at least three generations to educate the ignorance out of them and that's three generations of Westerners who're made to pay the price, and for what? Mosques belong in muslim nations, not in ancient British and European towns and cities.

Damn the Zionists. If they had a culture, nation and decent history of their own, they wouldn't be so insanely jealous of others heritage to the point they are obsessed with destroying them --- this time with the muslim plague.

posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 12:52 PM
:shk:My problem with this story was that he moved his family into a western society but then condemns the daughter for acting too western.He got upset over her use of hairspray for pete's sake.If he wanted to maintain their traditions to that extreme maybe he should have stayed in the middle east.My apologies to anyone if I offend.I really am not racist, and I try to be respectful of others beliefs.I just cannot justify this in my head.My brain cannot process this.:bnghd:Here is a video coverage of the story at If anyone could imbed it for me that would be appreciated.

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