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A new school system to replace the %*$%up old one

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posted on May, 29 2007 @ 09:35 PM
This has really been on my mind for a while, why is the school system so F'ed up, i mean we don’t even learn anymore...

Let me just point out some things and later something’s we can do without

- Some schools have a cast the case of columbine it caused 2 boys to go around and shoot up the place.
- Next school is also a place were drugs are sold, i cant tell you how many times i have seen people deal out weed or anything.
- Everyonce in a while we have someone pulling a prank like pulling the fire alarm or getting into a fight, this generally brings out the "mod mentality" in all of us...For example when there is a fight, no one brakes it up they just yell Fight fight fight"
-Sex, and drinking...oh what a big one do i need to say more.
- the learning system...lets face it how many times have you fallen asleep in class, how many times have you just taken a class not to do anything in it, sometimes its the teachers that are dicks, sometimes its the way it is taught.
-some teachers don't realize the kids in their class might need extra help, adhd or some stuff
- The cafeteria food is horrible, not to mention that all the socializing and bad rep sometimes happens in the cafeteria.

These are just small segments of how the school system is messed up these days, its not really about learning anymore its about setting up rules for the kids to follow and busting them.

I think the school and educational system should be changed, I mean there are things we should do without and proven techniques that could help students be better and learn faster.

I think school should do without the lunch time, it honesty doesn’t do anything, and the food is bad. Also study halls should be taken out, gym or p.e lets face it it was just a blow off, there should be a more physical aspect to the whole program. Lately I found something interesting called alpha brain wave learning or speed learning. Basically the whole idea of changing up frequencies so that you go into a learning state,

Just think if we implement these ideas into a school system, if kids were taking Spanish or another language class they could spend about 5 months and actually learn the language instead of taking up 4 or more years just to be able to understand the basics and what not…some people even after 2-3 years of Spanish still cant even say the Spanish alphabet… I think this will be revolutionary if used in schools, it could help kids that have problems learning and will be more effective, and I am sure the state can be used in almost every class to understand the criteria better.

So basically what I have is this for the future of the school system

- No more lunch, study halls/free period, useless classes unless you want to get into that field.
- Meditation in school ( just think if this was used since pre-school, kids would have already developed confidence in themselves and learned to sooth their mind and become one with themselves)
- A more grueling physical class then p.e ( lets face it gym/p.e was a blow off, the future of the people need to be fit and smart…weightlifting, gymnastics, running, various sports should all be implemented and with the students actually trying)
- Since lunch and the extra periods are gone students will be able to go home early…just like the system in Spain, or school will just be finished around 1 or 2 and then they could go home
- More individualized attention, guidance counselors should be acquainted with psychology to interact more with the student and get to know them, and if they need help they will get it.
- Foreign languages should start being taught in elementary school (it is proven that if a child knows more languages that they will learn better)
- Alpha brain wave and other brain wave frequencies should be used in the classroom (this would be helpful for students to understand and know. KNOW the information because it will be imprinted into their subconscious)
- Better understanding of alcohol, drugs, sex, and these things should be taught as soon as possible, some kids grow up having alcoholic parents and are abused by this since a young age, so why shouldn’t this be taught at a young age.
- Better security in schools…should I say more you get the idea

I think that if these things are implemented into school systems, they could really have a positive affect on the people of the future. No more will we see crime and what not in schools, the kids will actually learn better, school will be shorter, and more money will be saved. And we can have a positive future waiting for us…

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posted on May, 30 2007 @ 12:16 AM
Well if you take lunch out, the kids will complain about being hungary. But

Sex and drinking, it pisses me off how the kids who haven't got laid because they are practicing abstinence are looked down apon. And the kids who don't drink because they believe in the law are considered uncool.

As for caste system, there's not much that can be done with that, just teach the kids not to let it get to you.

It's all because kids are immature until they are 18. Once they get that age, it starts to change alot. Unless we go like China, where the parents get money taken out of their paycheck if the kid misbehaves. But that's communism.

A new school system is needed, or else we will fall behind from other nations who have a much better ones than ours.

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 02:52 AM
ATSGUY I TOTALLY AGREE!! it wouldbe hard to come about but it is a much needed change! they should do like in mexico ..if the teachers dont feel u are ready you dont move up a grade. i may cause people to stay behind and stuff though but I know that the education in Mexico can be pretty strict. (my cousins are doctors and lawyers and they told me it was pretty brutal and they honestly dont think an american could handle it)

anyway it is sad how high school is all cliquey and all about how u look rather than education itself. i don't know who taught children this but its the way of the country right now. i guess it's been like that since the 50's even 40s but it seems to have gotten more out of control lately. but with so much focus these days on how much money u have or what label of clothes you're wearing etc.. what do u expect.

the priorities of americans need to change!! F the SUVs and Flashy handbags

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 06:32 AM
no the children will not complain about being hungry, eating a good breakfast i the morning, and maybe having a snack in between periods will be better, school will be shorter. Or they will be able to leave and come back like in spain.

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 11:03 AM
Back in college I remeber quite a few friends drop out of the Education Department because they figured out that in order to teach anymore you also have to be a semi-politician. Seriously, there were more than a few that dropped out and chose another Major because they were tired of the politics involved in teaching.

The downfall of the school system can be related to quite a few factors. My Grandmother was a school teacher who taught in a 1 room schoolhouse here in rural Kansas, and had to be up at incredibly early hours to pump the well water and cook the food for the childrens lunch, and a million other chores. She still tells me to this day that all that work made her appreciate the job of teaching, and she thinks that is what the school system is lacking nowdays. Just think of how lazy and unmotivated many K-12 teachers are.

Not only that, but again, the political side of teaching says that teachers cannot teach certain subjects or life skills. I mean, how dare a "teacher" who already has incredible influence over children, teach kids life skills that their parents apparently are not teaching them at's a travesty. Also, schools use outdated policies that have been proven to not work.

For instance...Abstinence Based Sexual Education...this form of sex ed has been proven an unreliable method time and time again yet the school system still prefers to teach it. If a certain kid chooses not to have sex then great, but their should be other options for kids that engage in that activity. They don't teach the kids about proper use of condoms and other methods of protection, the risks of disease, and nor do they delve in and ask question them why the choose to initiate that behavior. We need to get over our own insecurities about sex and health in order to teach that SEX is not WRONG. If a child never learns to think for themselves, then they will never grow, and a kid that actively chooses to not have sex and/or protect themselves if they do should be rewarded or praised.

There are quite a few things that need to change in order for change to happen, and it all starts at home. If parents complain about their childs education, and a large number of them join in, you could see sweeping changes occur in the educational system. Unfortunately, I see a lot of parents that are too busy with their own Cellphone addicted, Starbucks craving ways to pay attention to the issue or their child.

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 07:21 PM

Originally posted by ATSGUY
no the children will not complain about being hungry, .

My brother's school district made lunch on staff development day because the kids complained to their parents they got hungary during school. If you do not know what staff development day is, it's a day where there is no lunch and the kids have half a school day while the teachers go to meetings.

Now I think that was ridiculous, the kids are supposed to eat lunch when they get home. The food is better at home. And it's also a reminder on how obese our country is.

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 09:05 PM
The public schools systems are doing exactly what they are designed to do, produce nurotic, messed up little wannabe barbies and kens (or GI Joes), easily distracted and easily amused, apathetic but productive wage slaves who will need loads of chemical (and profitable) medication in the future.

posted on May, 30 2007 @ 10:20 PM
i hardly actually ate lunch when i was in high school. i wasn't hungry really hahah maybe they should let the kids have healthy snacks in class. like in some of my college classes i had the teachers were whatevs about it as long it didn't disurb the other classmates.

the crap at high school cafeterias is not even that healthy i remember them serving jumbo jacks from jack in the from pizza hut...and the attempts at salads was ugh iceberg lettuce.. I HATE ICEBERG LETTUCE haha

The public schools systems are doing exactly what they are designed to do, produce nurotic, messed up little wannabe barbies and kens (or GI Joes), easily distracted and easily amused, apathetic but productive wage slaves who will need loads of chemical (and profitable) medication in the future.


posted on Sep, 5 2007 @ 04:34 PM
here is a very interesting video that proves how %#&Q%&@Q%& the school system is, its almost as corrupt as the

20-20 investigation by John Stossel entitled "Stupid in America" highlighting some of the flaws with the education system in the United States. The story started out when identical tests were given to high school students in New Jersey and in Belgium. The Belgian kids cleaned the American kids' clocks. The Belgian kids called the American students "stupid", which gave the piece its name.

watch the video:

posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 06:47 PM
I agree with the original post, but have a few points to add:

- The caste system is fairly out-of-control. There was a convention in my area today, and some of my friends came in costume. My school is having a football game versus an area school, whose colors include red. One of my friends' costumes consisted mainly of a trenchcoat. What color? Red.

This morning, he got at least one question, "Are you for [Opponent]?"

Luckily, he had brought donuts sufficient to convince some people that he was, in fact, a student, and sought only to promote donuts.

- Study hall should be an optional period, provided to students who request time to go over materials in a quiet environment where they can request assistance from teachers. It shouldn't be required of all students.

Also, lunch should be eliminated, to be replaced with a two-to-four hour blank from ten o' clock to two o' clock, roughly. This gives students time to go home for lunch and a short nap, which is a far better plan then the one my school has. I like to call it "Keep 'Em On Campus As Long As You Can".

- Meditation should be taught to all students, individually. When presented in a class setting, there are always students who crack jokes while the other students are attempting to calm their minds. Individualizing the experience would remove this temptation.

- Physical education should be provided based on the student's capabilities. Hyper-athletic jocks should not share a gym class with mostly-sedentary nerds. (Along those lines, students on sports teams should be relieved of their required PE credit, as they're already getting this in their sport.)

- Security in schools should not make a student feel abused by the system. It should aim to prevent genuinely harmful occurrences. (In the best situation I can imagine, the system would scan for student ID on a person approaching an outside door, and unlock the door for the person if the ID was found. If it was not found, the system would contact a nearby security officer, who would question the person and ascertain their status as a student.) Random locker searches should be truly random, and occur during the blank period of midday, when no students are in the school.

- Students should be able to tailor their own curriculum. Requiring all students to take four years of a mathematics course is pointless -- there will always be students who truly want to design clothing, and require perhaps a year of instruction.

- Foreign languages should be widely taught from kindergarten onwards. (I suggest immersion courses, where the teacher speaks only the foreign language.) I began Spanish in late elementary school, and as far as I can tell, it's greatly helped me. Spanish is a common language in the United States, and not knowing it only hurts students.

- Alcohol and drug use should be discouraged, preferably from a young age on. (Students should be taught that yes, their Starbucks coffee contains a drug which they may already be addicted to -- caffeine.) Students at my school widely talk about drinking at parties and getting high with friends. This shouldn't be happening. If the students criminalized drug/alcohol use -- and that leads to the next point.

- Sports must be taken off their pedestal. You're not in high school to screw your girlfriend, drink, and play football. You're here to learn essential life skills. However, this would have to be a slow change, as jocks will continue to mock nerds.

- Students should receive individual attention. Their assigned guidance counselors should be highly accessible. (Students ought to be able to visit them freely during class -- take a hall pass and go talk.) The guidance counselors should also preferably be of the student's own gender. (I was assigned a male counselor this year, which makes me a little uncomfortable. I'm more comfortable spilling my guts to a female.)

- Sex should not be criminalized. It should be taught and discussed openly from early school on.


posted on Sep, 14 2007 @ 07:04 PM
- As I started to say, sex should not be criminalized. Young children should be taught that babies do not come from the stork, and their questions about sex should be answered as they come. In this environment, students will see sex as not the enemy, but a simple fact. (Abstinence is ineffective among teens -- they'll likely go off and "do it" anyway. Students should be taught how to "do it" safely -- because they will "do it".)

- Students should be taught in a specialized way. Some students struggle with math, others with science, and still others with grammar and social studies. Why not teach the student how to understand a problem subject instead of going through the curriculum page by page? (I say this as a student who struggles with math I cannot "see" -- I need to have a context to do math, but I excel in science.)

- To that end, students should be educated about how their body works. Brain waves should be demonstrated, so that students know what kind of brain waves they are producing at any given moment. (All functions of the body should be discussed, especially those of the brain.) Students should be informed of what their learning style is called, and enabled to learn how they learn best -- a visual learner would be given visual representations of a topic, or text. A kinesthetic learner would be given the opportunity to act out a scenario or a process. Audio learners would be given the opportunity to hear the lesson. In short, all students would receive a lesson tailored to them, as well as learning how they learn and how their brain functions.

- On the subject of tailored lessons, students ought not to be segregated by learning style. Instead, students would be in a mixed-learning style class, where they can participate in activities where they learn. (My teachers use this sort of system, but the entire class must participate. Why not allow visual learners to look at pictures and writings about an event while having the kinesthetic learners act out the event, all while the audio learners listen to another student describe the event aloud?)

- Gifted/talented students should attend special classes, where they learn among other advanced students. In these classes, the teacher can teach material faster than in a more mixed class. (However, students should never be wholly separated -- only in subjects where they are most advanced.)

I'm surprised I got so wordy, but as a current high school student (public high school in the United States), I live on the inside of the school system and get to see how kids are taught today -- and am taught that way myself. So I have a lot to say about schools, and how they should be (at least, how I think they should be).

I agree with the earlier poster -- schools are designed to turn out little Barbies and Kens who adore sports and jocks, who follow fashion like pet dogs, and who know next-to-nothing about their world.

However, the school system wasn't planning on students like me, who actively learn outside of class and enjoy reading for pleasure, who dress in what's most comfortable (but still decent), and who enjoy learning about the world.

Still, most of my classmates are Barbies.

(The above two posts are really my wish list as to how I think the school system should work. They're coming from a confessed nerd who despises high school culture and wants things to work, rather than putter along in a mere state of functionality.

(Your results may vary.)

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