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BTS.humor: RFT-Vietnam 1971 ~ Mission Impossible

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posted on Apr, 30 2007 @ 06:51 PM

RFT-Vietnam 1971 ~ Mission Impossible


If You Enjoyed This ~ “FLAG THE MUTHA” And Then Come Back And Give Me Your Comments On This.

This is a CLASSIC BIT from the famous Radio First Termer Vietnam Show which was broadcasted LIVE to the troops in Vietnam from a downtown Saigon Whore House during January 1971. Dave Rabbit, Pete Sadler and Nguyen Co-Hosted the show. To hear the entire show and loads of other comedy, fun and great music as it was broadcasted, as well as the Radio First Termer Iraq Show, they are located on the ARCHIVE PAGE of my Pod Home Page.

For The HIGHEST QUALITY Version As Well As Hundreds Of Other segments of Music, Comedy, Interviews And Lunacy:

Please Go To:

If You Enjoyed This ~ “FLAG THE MUTHA” And Then Come Back And Give Me Your Comments On This.

Enjoy The Show.


length: 01:08
file: btshpod_2253.mp3
size: 1612k
feed: btsh
status: live (at time of posting)

[edit on 4/30/2007 by Dave Rabbit]

posted on May, 1 2007 @ 06:51 AM
This podcast just cracked me up Dave... I used to love Mission Impossible..

So Pete was going to ejacxxxte on 50,000 wipers,

Oy Vey...

Lovin the classic stuff as always...


(Oh.. Mutha has been flagged too)

posted on May, 1 2007 @ 11:30 AM
Hey Johnny.....

Exciting FIND a week or so ago....... an existing reel to reel of the surviving show by an old time fan..... more details coming shortly. The SOUND QUALITY of just the little bit I have heard is AMAZING compared to what I have heard.


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