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The Real Roswell - National Geographic Channel - disapointed.

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posted on Apr, 29 2007 @ 09:30 PM
The Real Roswell

I watched a documentary about the Roswell crash on the National Geographic Channel, and was pretty disappointed. The show was pretty much your standard debunking show – dismissing the multitude of UFO phenomena as weather balloons. I watched in astonishment as they shredded everything down and disassembled the credibility of nearly every US citizen that has ever seen a UFO. I for one, who has seen UFOs (whether military or alien – I don’t know) know that they were not weather balloons.

So, my question is: what games are being played NOW? I mean, it seems that there is a massive push to disclose the truth behind aliens and UFOs – and now the program “The Real Roswell” comes out and pushes the truth backwards.

I found myself arguing with my TV – they didn’t state any facts about the evidence, but rather took the skeptical views without researching them. I found my self following the story intently – because, they laid out their case very, very well. Stanton Friedman was interviewed (it seems they snipped bits and pieces of him being interviewed – he was edited heavily).

Anyone else watch that crap? Or am I the only disgusted by it?

It is going to be on May 1st, so if you are disappointed in the program please write the NGC and complain:


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