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Human being Messiah

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posted on Apr, 29 2007 @ 07:52 PM
TextText Blue

For the purposes of debate lets assume that the Messiahs or Gods of the past
did indeed visit the Earth.

They were supernatural. They were God. But they were very Human. Each account of Hindhu , Buddhist , Christian or certain Grecian religion states that the chosen one or Messiah dies. They may or may not according to each faith , ascend to Heaven physically or spiritually. But they all suffered physical pain , hardships and riddicule in their lives & all died.

To say that the coming Messiah would not need " Body Guards " because he is immortal, takes away his humaness. He will be human. He will not be a hollywood characature like superman. He will not be bomb proof or bullet proof.

He is God because he beat Death and the illusions of evil. The very fact that he has returned will be proof of Mind Over Matter , Love over Hate and God over evil illusion.

The plots and Machinations of corrupt evil morons who seek to destroy or control this Messiah can only be beaten by not fulfilling Evil scene by scene , scripted nonsense that will cause genocide and planetary ecological collapse.
These evil control freaks have made every contingency plan. They have key illuminati adepts in every national government , military , judicial service and in every bank , corporation , religion or international organization. They have read every page of the book of revelation many thousands of times. They have worked out every possible clue and hint and location.

However their intellect is superficial not supernatural. The evil cabal really believe that that God will follow this ridiculous script ! If there is a war between Good and Evil surely God would follow the first rule of war which is never tell the enemy the plan ! Revelation is a diversionary plan that has protected the identity and location of the Messiah. God has mearly reflected like a mirror the deception that the evil cabal stare into. They are in Israel and Egypt and the U.S.A. and in Europe scurrying around searching for this clue and that clue not realising that they are enacting the deception upon themselves !

If the Messiah enacted the Book of Revelation he would be verifying the validity of the TV Evangelists who are charlatans ,con men and demonic hypercrites and deviant perverts. They love money and power and celebrity and fake compassion.

He would then be responsible for Global chaos which isn't his domain. God is not evil or chaotic or Genocidal. Only warmongers and conmen and murderous fools would expect God to behave like them ! This is why God is the supreme intellect of the Universe . God is the Universe itself, all things in it & all things beyond it ,past ,present and future. God can manifest as what ever God wishes. When God is in human form he is not the totality of God , just a part of it.

This is why the monsterous atrocities committed in his name by the evil cabal and their minions can never be validated , accepted or justified in any way.
The Catholic Inquizition , murdred millions in the most brutal and sadistic manner imaginable. The Crusades were vile . The religious wars of Protestant & Catholic Reformation , Genocide of Jews or Orthodox Christians by Hitler or Stalin. Pol Pots slaughter or Mao's Genocide and the current totally evil end times scenario are exmples of saditic , cruel, evil done to man by man in the name of God & often against God. So I believe that God will not take part in Global homicide ever because God never has.
This is the greatest lie.

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