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Exploiting the Collective Conscience to shape our destiny

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posted on Apr, 27 2007 @ 04:17 AM
Just a quick introduction into Durkheims theory of the Collective Conscience

Durkheim taught that society exists "outside" and "apart" from the individuals who form it. Society is a "thing" in itself, and should be studied as such. For example, all the beliefs, attitudes, imagery, etc., that make up culture and morality exist not only in the minds of individuals, but as a "collective conscience" independent of them, just like our mind is more than the physiological substrate on which it depends.

Using my adaptation, what I propose it that the global societies 'Collective Conscience' is being manipulated both in positive and negative forces as a means of control, from an unknown force with the understanding of our future.

The Hypodermic Needle Theory

The "hypodermic needle theory" implies mass media has a direct, immediate and powerful effect on its audiences. The theory suggests that the mass media could influence a very large group of people directly and uniformly by ‘shooting’ or ‘injecting’ them with appropriate messages designed to trigger a desired response.

What if an individual or group (be it the NWO, ET, God, some unknown force) could exist, or at least peak outside this plane of existence and into our future? Through using mass media techniques the Collective Conscience, a group or even individual could have their future shaped yet not infringe on the ideology of free will.

A couple of examples to reinforce my point:

Take the 'recent' mass media leakage of Global Warming, has societies 'collective conscience' been injected with this theory to thwart a future catastrophic event? This could be seen a a positive, collective result

Look at the recent news that an Earth Like planet has been discovered. Is this the first few steps of manipulating societies 'collective conscience' to accept the future disclosure of ET?

But this is where it gets more sinister and personal;

An individual who will pose a serious threat to world government and the control mechanisms in their future (be it someone who will uncover ET or something else destabilising) could effectively be manipulated before the event through mass media and their daily life experiences and events (this could also extend to dreams etc) to choose NOT to persue that future.

For example:

A Scientist who will discover the cure to cancer is 'manipulated' as a child not to pursue a career as a scientist, thus changing their proposed destiny. This would obviously be a negative, individual result implemented by the NWO, Black Ops etc to ensure the world doesnt become overpopulated?

You could use the Terminator Films as a loose example to this notion. The future sends an individual back into the past to kill a child who will become a President in the future and save the world.

While we cant be actively killed (as this infringes on the concept of free will and may inspire others to carry out the individuals/groups destiny) we can be manipulated through the media, dreams etc. to put ourselves in a position where we may be more likely to severly injure or even kill ourselves.

A few more postulations:

Could societies growing upsurge in child abortion be a result of exterior manipulation and have much darker and sinister reasons?

- After having the discovery leaked and now considered morally sufficient by most groups of society (the 'collective conscience' once again), effectively an individual who in their future may pose a serious threat to society (a terrorist from a 'positive' aspect and a 'freedom fighter' from a negative aspect), their mother could be 'manipulated' to terminate this child before they're even born. Manipulation has occured from societies 'collective conscience' that Abortion is morally stable.

Society rarely sees clear cut UFO's. Could this be because the individual(s) who will see and experience UFO's in the future are manipulated in their present existence through mass media and more individual experiences to not pursue their interest in UFO's? or at least turn their head the other way when this experience would have occured?

Once again these examples dont infringe on free will as seemingly the individuals make their own decision ie: They are handed the gun but they shoot it. Furthermore I believe dreams are merely a subconcious state we passively enter, thus they are subsequently manipulated from the effects of mass media, governments etc.

Now what cannot be tied up with this is whether we are being manipulated by Good or Evil forces or even a bit of both. Following this theory, one could simply argue 'What about Hitler and other evil people, surely they would have been prevented if it was for good purposes?'. However on the other hand 'What about Mother Teresa and many other individuals who have seemingly espcaped the clutches of these evil forces to do good in this world?'

To that I answer according to this theory everything and everyone has a purpose. Obviously this power/technology is not absolute (as there are many polarised individuals and groups), thus points to the fact that this isnt from a God or Higher External force (presuming God is all powerful, all knowing and all existing) but perhaps from ET with their own agendas or negatively fromsome other extremely sinister and evil covert group.

Perhaps us who slip out the net are purposefully put here to keep societies views 'balanced', as long as we never challenge and over-take the streamlined views. Or perhaps these forces have yet to catch up with our existence and future to change us? Perhaps we have already been diluted....

Eitherway the exploitation of the Collective Conscience is truly shaping the global destiny, manipulating individuals to be streamlined and conform.

Whos behind it? You decide

Kolo Heights

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posted on Apr, 27 2007 @ 10:27 PM
Interesting. I read it twice, just to be sure I got the flavor of it right. While I don't exactly see it the way you do, I think this idea has merit.

My take is along the same lines, yet without the control from outside forces. I am more of the notion that we 'dream' the future that we get. As a collective, good and bad, we shape our future events with the power of the collective mind.

If enough people dream, both awake and asleep, of the coming of aliens, then we could 'create' that happening. The thoughts of man have always been said to be very powerful. Many mystics and teachers have said this very thing through the ages. (Jesus is a good example.)

I remember when the very idea of what later became the cell phone was no more than sci-fi. As a matter of fact, look at old Star Trek shows. At the time these shows first aired, that flip out communicator was pure imagination, yet within a couple of decades they were real, and now they're everywhere.

When I was a boy, the idea of walking on the moon was not even talked about seriously. But all those kids who grew up on sci-fi made it happen.

Now part of this can be explained away as people building what they see in their imagination. Still, when you take the long view, we've come so far so fast. The Wright brothers little plane flew less feet in it's first attempt than the wingspan of a Boeing 757, which now cross America faster than a man could travel from one side of New York City to the other in 1907.

We did all these things because we dreamed of doing them. And not just a few people having these dream concepts, but many. Throughout recorded history there have been dreamers, but they were always flying solo. Now, with better and better communications, many can come to share the same dream at the same time, and this gives an exponential power to those thoughts.

I think it is the collective subconscious of people that bend the future to suit our collective desires. The future is all only made up of possibilities built on what is the now, and by enough people desiring the same thing, the event happens as a selection from available possibilities.

Of interest, you might look up some books by a man named David Bohm. He puts out the idea that the entire universe is a hologram that we perhaps control.

Good ideas, and I will be flagging this as I think it should get more discussion.


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