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HAARP & Weather Modification: Why do they Deflect the question in their own Official FAQ?

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posted on Apr, 26 2007 @ 07:05 PM
So I'm wondering if it can target the tropo/stratosphere(s), because here they seem to completely deflect the question and answer they have in their official FAQ?

[Q:] Is HAARP capable of affecting the weather?
[A:] The HAARP facility will not affect the weather.

Notice how they worded it. They don't seem to actually answer the question.

Imagine if you asked:
'Are nuclear bombs capable of detroying the human species'?
And they answer:
'Nuclear weapons will not destroy the human species.'
So naturally I have to interject with:
"But can they destroy the human species?? It was a simple question!"

Transmitted energy in the frequency ranges that will be used by HAARP is not absorbed in either the troposphere or the stratosphere - the two levels of the atmosphere that produce the earth's weather.

So they carry on, but they still don't directly answer the question.

The original question started with can, but again they almost seem to be sidestepping the question. Their response doesn't actually 'debunk' the possibility that it could be used at different frequency ranges that might affect things, or the flip side of if they aimed it at the lower 'spheres instead of the ion. They say it's 'for' one thing, but how do we know they can't use it for other things than what's specified, especially going from these impartial answers?

That looks like Deflection if I've ever seen any, unless I'm missing something here.

This should be especially important as HAARP has recently been upgraded to its full potential 3.6MW (as opposed to 960kW as before), and it's been comandeered by the Dept. of Defense from its former "civilian" role of 16 years.

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posted on Apr, 26 2007 @ 08:24 PM
Great observation...Just because somthing won't be done doesn't mean it can't.

Btw my first post
been looking at this site for a little over two years.

posted on Apr, 27 2007 @ 11:49 AM
Good eye on spotting that clear deflection!

posted on Feb, 24 2008 @ 07:52 PM

Originally posted by IgnoranceIsntBlisss
So I'm wondering if it can target the tropo/stratosphere(s), because here they seem to completely deflect the question and answer they have in their official FAQ?

Is HAARP capable of affecting the weather?
The HAARP facility will not affect the weather.

Notice how they word it. They don't seem to actually answer the question.

I decided to move this to it's own thread as this topic here is more broad in HAARP's capabilities. Also this topic about a specific new DARPA release, where the topic I'm posing is something quite old and off the official HAARP site.

[edit on 26-4-2007 by IgnoranceIsntBlisss]

does/could HAARP affect the weather?.....YES

due to the positioning of HAARP it utalises the power of the "solar winds" a stream or band of charged particles released by the sun....the solar winds are one of the biggest moderating agents when it comes to out weather.

HAARP also heats/cools the ionosphere, and if we human's have learned anything from KMT [kenetic molecular theorem] its that "heat" is mearly the movement rate of the particles, increasing the particle movement rate in the ionosphere would later be transfored to particle movement in the strata/trope-sphere.

so yes....when ever it is active it is affecting our weather.

posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 04:03 PM
OK people, it’s time for a major reality check for a lot of you. ALL of these hurricane "natural" disasters are man-made.

Go here to learn how they are engineering these hurricanes . Go to any national or geo-political website if you want to know WHY they are doing it : CHAOS, absolute political CHAOS is the why !

It's time for a reality check, and high time some of you people begin exiting the denial stage. Time to grow up and except that it is, indeed happening. Everything that those people you labeled “conspiracy theorists“ were telling you is coming to pass now. Those "nutcases" were trying to help you people.

The so-called "natural" disaster named GUSTAV was engineered. So was Katrina, and Andrew more than a decade before that. The earthquake in China last May, the earthquake in Indonesia that caused the tsunami, they were man-made UN-natural disasters, just like the AIDS virus. And, yes, HANNA is as well. Geeze fer Christ sake open your eyes! Look at the satellite imagery! Look at the infrared and visible satellite imagery! It’s on every TV station you turn to. Don’t you see it? If you cannot see it, ask yourself why you can’t. Don't you ever look up at the sky anymore? The signs are so obvious Ray Charles could see it, and he’s blind AND he’s dead. So what is your excuse for not allowing yourself to see the obvious signs of weather engineering that are staring you right in the face, plastered all over the news channels, and right in you face above your head every day, all day long? Why is it you refuse to see what they are hiding in plain view all over the media and in the sky above? It’s because you are in a state of absolute denial. The fact that you simply may not be able to comprehend or handle the WHY, why they are engineering these hurricanes does not absolve you of your responsibility to understand that they are, in fact doing it. These hurricanes are a prelude to the next phases which are

An engineered Total Collapse of the U.S. dollar
An engineered Total Collapse of the U.S. Capital markets and banking system
An engineered global bio-pandemic (probably the avian flu)
An engineered magnitude +8.0 earthquake in the U.S. (likely San Francisco)

And these events are just preludes, kind of like appetizers before the main dish. Are you ready for these delectable entrée’s? Here’s the main course:

Engineered chaos as pretext to invoke martial law in the U.S.
Dissolution of U.S., Mexico and Canada.
Establishment of the NAU - North American Union (new currency is the Amero)
Foreign troops enforcing martial law on U.S. streets
FEMA trains to ship non-cooperatives and resisters to the FEMA camps
Mass extermination of 180-250 million American Citizens
Dissolution of the NAU - Establishment of the Illuminati’s NWO - New World Order

All this is slated to happen in the next 3 ½ years, so buckle your seatbelts. Its gonna be a real bumpy ride for a lot of you who simply cannot allow the truth that is staring you in the face to be true.



posted on Sep, 1 2008 @ 06:25 PM
reply to post by spannmark

While I agree with what you're saying, you have to understand that many people are not in denial.....they are in sleep mode. Some are too far brainwashed to even consider for themself what is really happening. When you understand that the awakening for some is a very slow process, you find different ways to get them to see it.

I've recently been saying that they are two types of people in the world right now: those figuring it out and those falling flat on their face. The majority are in the latter category and need a 2x4 to cold cock them in the face to wake up. When they get that smack in the face, they will begin to see what you're saying

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