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Would you even see a ufo right in front of you?

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posted on Apr, 23 2007 @ 10:41 PM
Would you even see a ufo right in front of you? I know it sounds kind of silly but, you could look directly at one in the clear open air and not even realize it. It could be huge! It could be low! It could be as obvious as the word on this screen and yet, you don't think you have ever seen one!!!!!!

I have mentioned in the past, I believe we miss ufos allll the time. We just don't look up enough. I truely believe this. I even believed this before I heard of the things I am about to bring to your attention here.

There is an old story I cannot really confirm but, you can research and will find multiple entries online, repeating it. When the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria approached land, the Natives didn't even know they were there at first. They would look right at it and didn't even give it a thought. They had never seen a ship. Never thought about it.

That was back when they really had nothing to do. No city lights no hustle and bustle. Just the natives and the land. Now days we need to look at the road or we'll crash. We are in a hurry and on cell phones. We're trying not to fall in a pothole while jogging and listening to the ipod. We are s caught up in ourselves we miss the simple things around us let alone the ufos.

I'm not to clear on link rules so i'll just direct you to something else that helps support my theory. Do a search in google for three black shirts passing basketball and three white shirts playing basketball. You should find maybe a couple links to a test video about counting the passes. The results may shock you. I hope you find it. it's mindblowing.

posted on Apr, 23 2007 @ 10:45 PM
Right in front of you....that is interesting. "In front" implies that you refer to this dimension only? Because there are additional directions that intersect and overlap "front".

I would say that you could easily have a UFO right in front of you, as well as any other type of object, and not even know it. This seems logical, given that you could control this perceptoin on many levels, including altering the visual observational capabilities of any possible audience to an event.

The possibilities and options are endless.

posted on Apr, 24 2007 @ 12:01 AM
Ok ok...i'm with you...i guess. What you say may very well hold merit but, if you go by the context of my post, I know it's very long, my question was more of a point that you could see a ufo (in this demension) right in front of you. I'm not saying it's cloaked or invisable. I mean a solid bright detailed "thing" right there and not see it. I believe it's possible. I'm sure however, that is more possible with the more closed minded less likely to believe types. If you review what I wrote in the first post you'll get the idea and see for yourself.

posted on Apr, 24 2007 @ 12:46 AM
Why dont you just post a link directly to what you are trying to explain?

Are you talking about that incident in that basketball game where a person in a guerilla suit strolls through the game? that video was created by Daniel Simons & Christopher Chabris. It was a study done on Studies of Visual Awareness...

A short explanation of the demo

A demonstration of inattentional blindness goes something like this. Viewers are asked to monitor three basketball players in white T-shirts and count the number of times they pass the ball during a video clip. Thirty-four seconds into this experiment, a person wearing a gorilla suit walks through the game and even pauses to pound his chest before moving on. Despite their vigilance, approximately half the viewers never see the gorilla. Even after they are told about the gorilla and shown the video, they refuse to believe it.

This is the only thing i can think of that you are talking about, yuor thoery could be right in someways... Most of us are to self immersed in what we are doing today that we dont notice the small things around us.

Also you might want to check out "Did you spot the Gorilla" by Richard Wisemen, this video was also a video conducted on tests regarding our PERCEPTION.
I think that video was shown on a DVD called "Surprising Studies of Visual

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posted on Apr, 24 2007 @ 01:44 AM
Yes you are correct!. Thanx. I never could remember it's origin, I just usually search it and show people conducting the test by memory. I do wish you would have let people see for themselves but you did help my point.

I know I refused to believe it when I first saw it! I consider myself very aware also.

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