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Why do people not care if the government was involved in 911??

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posted on Apr, 23 2007 @ 05:06 PM
hey all...
i was on another websites forum that is dedicated to the downsizing of government. knows that the government is the root of the problem we have today. they know that the government is murdering people everyday and is an evil group but they insist that the government did not have its hands in 911. here are a few examples of what some of them said to me when we were discussing 911

If Americans found out who killed JFK and it was the CIA, what would happen? Would Americans pick up their pitchforks and demand change? Would they just vote in new bureaucrats to make the change? I'm so sick and tired of this 9/11 bull#. So tell me... When the undeniable truth comes out about 9/11 and the govt. was behind it. What are you gonna do? Put a few people in jail? Then go and party and say "WE WON! SEE I TOLD YOU GUYS ALL ALONG!" "NOW WE DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT REDUCING THE SIZE OF GOVT. BECAUSE WE WON!!" If you want to live in your fantasy world thinking that if we could just prove this 9/11 theory and that will change America, that's fine. Live in your fantasy, take it, and run with it. But your in the wrong forums because as many people have already told you, it won't change the fact that the federal govt. is too big. THAT is what we want to change. We don't want new bureaucrats. And if you blindly believe that if people would just see your side of the story because if they would they would help change the govt. with us. You are mistaken. There are examples after examples of government wrongdoing and noone cares. Noone did anything, and in turn the situation only prompted more laws DEFEATING exactly what we are trying to do.

# We don't care about your story. We're mad as hell about government.
# We're not "mad," we're tired of your incessant bull#.
# We're not "in the same boat." The vast majority on this BBS recognize that your prostheletizing is a waste of energy, and scares of potential libertarians who have no interest in congregating with nuts--which we're already unjustly accused of being.

It's not that I "don't believe" you--it's that I don't care. (That sounds vaguely familiar.) The reason is because it's irrelevant in the much larger pile of bodies that are well documented and that everyone in the world can see and hates us for

they believe that anyone who thinks 911 was done by our government is a nutcase but yet they believe that the government is killing people daily. what tha?? these kinds of people i will never understand. they just simply do not care if the government was involved.

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