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Analyzing Photographs

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posted on Apr, 17 2007 @ 07:05 PM
I wanted to try a presentation of a mono photograph and a stereo photograph pair to show you that photos can be misleading and thus proper photo analysis is important.

At the bottom of the first photo (which is kind of blurry sorry) you'll see what looks like a mountain facing the bottom of the photo. It is more obvious in the full resolution picture and not this blurry redux.

In the stereo pair if you can do Magic Eye(tm) will see that in fact the slope is facing the other way...and this is an alluvial fan system.

Some of you not familiar with geology may not know what this is at all and might confuse it with a lava flow or something I don't know.

Well here goes the first attempt at showing hopefully you can apply some lessons here (we'll discuss more) to interpreting photos from say Mars...since a lot of people aren't sure if they're looking at a crater or a hill some times.

Source is Hamblin.

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