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Odd cloud - Cylindrical in Shape

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posted on Apr, 12 2007 @ 01:49 AM
Coming home from a trip today I looked up in the sky (oddly enough I had just bought a Jim Marrs book),and spotted a cloud....I think it was a single cloud.It stretched on straight across the horizon,and was much bigger than a jet trail,which is what my father suggested.Of course,(having just looked at the book) I suggested....a UFO.Dad just sorta rolled his eyes knowing the subject matter of the book I'd just purchased.

I have to say,I've never seen a UFO (that I can remember anyway),never been abducted,seen a ghost or anything like that.So maybe it was wishful thinking on my part a bit.
Having said that,I gotta wonder then what was this? It had been raining earlier in the day,but everyone in the car agreed that the cloud was unlike anything we'd ever seen before.Another possible explanation that immediately popped into my head was chemtrails/contrails which I know next to nothing about.I've read a few threads here and there,but was never really interested.I always thought that they were around the size of the "jet trails",which this particular cloud was absolutely larger than.

I just thought I'd post this,and see if anyone has seen,or perhaps come across pictures of something like this before.It might be just some normal cloud formation,but I figured it couldn't hurt to post it.

Also,just one last thing....I'm 24 years old,so when I say I was in the car with my dad try not to picture a little boy with an overactive imagination who's reading a Jim Marrs book.....I'm not that prone to hallucination.

Just found this.It looked like that,only imagine it straightened out into a horizontal cylinder shaped cloud.

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