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NWO conclusions/questions

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posted on Apr, 10 2007 @ 10:34 PM
I took the red pill in Jan '07. I was a supporter of Bush, the Iraq war, and the GWoT. I hated 9/11 conspiracy theorists & left winged liberals. I watched Fox news religiously. O'Reily was my hero. What changed me was watching America Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo. Especially what he said at the very end:

Stop being good Democrats.
Stop being good Republicans.
Start being good Americans.

I'm ashamed of my previous beliefs and the arguments that I used to espouse. I won debates due my ability to quote the spin Fox was programming me with. I have apologized to my sheeple for my previously held positions, and tried to explain my new positions and why they've changed. I'm not being well received.

My sheeple are all either loyal Republicans or loyal Democrats, and Bush and Hillary can do no wrong. Much of the NWO related material I find is usually from the liberal dem bush bashing perspective, but I also find examples of Bill Clinton furthering the same agenda, among others.

I've come to some conclusions though, and it is my sincere hope that I could run them by you, and get your advice on how I can help others wake up, without sparking anger or resentment at my efforts by my loved ones.

After 3 months of research, I have come to the following conclusions:

1) A conspiracy exists among the global elite to institute a 1 world government. A war exists between these globalists over how to bring it about and who will run it. Do you want a UN dominated NWO (Neo-Liberal upper echelon elite democrat and Euro view), or a U.S. centric NWO, (Neo-Conservative upper echelon elite Republican think tank view)?

2) The basis for the Neo-Liberal argument in support of the NWO is the "Population Explosion", and the need to lower the population lest we severely damage the Earths ability to regenerate and supply needed natural resources.

3) The basis for the Neo-Conservative argument in support of the NWO is control of the 3rd world oil, (although they sell it with the typical slogans like "peace, security, fighting terrorism, etc.).

4) Either way you go, both use the same methods, and the same "systems of control" to keep us in line. This is why U.S. foreign policy has remained for the most part unchanged for the last 60+ years, regardless of who is in office.

5) 9/11 was an inside job, perpetrated by the Neo-Cons to forward their campaign to deal with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Iran.

6) Israel has an influential hand in American foreign policy (among both democrats and republicans alike) by means of AIPAC.

7) England plays an extremely dominant roll in American foreign policy by means of corrupt international elite bankers that own many of the worlds central banks, including the Federal Reserve, (ie. Rothchilds, etc.).

8) American media is owned by 4 corps, their execs are all members of the top 3 organizations that run the NWO, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberger Group. This level of ownership became much more consolidated by means of the relaxation of FCC rules regarding ownership of major media outlets in the same market.

9) Reorganization of the federal government agencies into the new Dept. of Homeland Security provided a consolidation of power that lends weight of force to the NWO.

10) The elite bankers have manipulated the price of gold to help float the fiat currencies. U.S. is broke, 60+ Trillion in debt, and the dollar is about to crash. The Federal Reserve and IRS are scams. Until we can abolish them or provide competing currencies, we will not break the bankers grip on power because their power derives from the issuance of money.

11) Martial Law and the suspension of the Constitution and Bill of Rights is imminent. Concentration camps and UN troops are inside the U.S. Police State.

12) Both parties and the Fed have colluded and commited treason.

13) Ron Paul rulez! Is their a democrat version of him that is non-NWO?

Thx all!

posted on Apr, 11 2007 @ 12:57 PM
Awesome post Kelldor and good for you!

And I agree that "Freedom to Fascism" is excellent and a must-watch for any truth-seeker.....

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