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More Band Drama (courtesy of TheRanchMan)

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posted on Apr, 8 2007 @ 09:18 PM
More Drama in my band (which we still haven't figured out a name for).

We found out that our rhythm guitarist is a liar.

He's been coming to practice with this awesome sounding rhythm, saying he's been playing it for years, and now he "finally has a use for it".

At this weekend's practice, I showed him some ways to modify the rhythm, because I thought of a way to change it. In his defense (because he's a defensive little bugger), he says, "Well, listen to this and tell me how it sounds". He goes over to his laptop and plays the song. I had thought he had recorded himself playing the rhythm. Then I hear vocals. It was the lead singer of the Cranberries. He had stolen the main riff from "Zombie"! In his defense, he say that he added an extra strum to change it up from the original (even though he said that he had created it, which makes 2 lies), so it was different.

Unfortunately for him, he had taught me the intro before this event, and I played it. The drummer (his girlfriend) got out from behind her drums (because at this point our drummer and bassist were standing up watching the 2 lead guitarists arguing with the rhythm guitarist) and watched me. She says to him that it sounds exactly the same as the song. He says that I played it wrong, and then plays it differently, but everyone caught him changing the rhythm to cover his ass.

But, being myself, I said that we can keep it if we changed it around, but keep the same basic rhythm, considering our dummer and bassist had already made a rhythm and I didn't want to inconvienence them, and I had made a good solo based on the rhythm.

(But now, our drummer is pissed off at him, and has been calling me to talk to me about him, and how pissed off she was. Now she's talking to me like crazy. And if you've read my other band-related posts, then this is good news!)

I really want to say something to him, considering I feel embarrassed and almost betrayed that he took the entire band into his lie.

Should I? And what should I say to not sound like a dick?


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