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Australian Democracy Attacked By Pro Prime Minister Mob

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posted on Mar, 12 2007 @ 10:12 AM
Maxine McKew is a former news presenter who has suffered death threats since her decision to run as a candidate in the Australian PM’s constituency.
About Maxine

A neighbour of Maxine Mckew saw a group of 4 unidentified men by the woman’s car Last Thursday. Some we seen shining torches whilst one was spotted underneath the vehicle. Miss McKew was out walking her dog at the time.
3. But she will continue

Another Candidate Threatened
Andrew Wilkie a former Australian intelligence analyst who quit his post because of political misuse of intelligence in the run up to the Iraq war; stood as the Green party candidate against Prime Minister John Howard in 2004, and also suffered death threats.

Unrelated Story? 15th Feb 2007
The Brisbane office of Kevin Rudd (the leader of the Australian Labour Party) were evacutated after they received an envelope containg a suspicious white powder. Test’s later confirmed the powder was a painkiller.

A living family member of mine founded a new Australian political party and he too had death threats, plus drugs planted at his house. He gave up on it in the end, in part because of how serious the trouble was getting.
I do not wish to traceably identify myself here on ATS, not least because of my strong support for Iraq’s Ba’th party. So you’re going to have to take my word for it.
Interestingly he blamed both the Labour and Liberal party, so it seems now the major political parties are using the tactics they used against smaller ones, against each other.

Frankly there is no way your average person can set up a political party, start to do well, and also oppose the major agendas of the countries major political parties. If it is possible you will need to live in Fought Knox, and have the security arrangements of at a cabinet minister.
All political parties have their extremists, but in addition to dealing with them, you’ll have to cope with an often unsupportive mass owned media.
It gets worse: Because I remember how in an anti-war group we had a spy (or at least someone I'm 99% sure is both a spy and more importantly “a group saboteur”). She was very bright, able to take things on but not do them, and engineer conflict within the group. Turned out she was secretly a Friend of Israel (which is quite odd; as that was quite a pro war group). There were at least 3 occasions when she walked out the group, all at bad times, and she only came back when other people started to do well in her absence.


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