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Freemasonry in Russia (ALERT)

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posted on Mar, 5 2007 @ 01:43 AM
Look, friends and foes of Freemasonry, what does it take to get your attention of Freemasonry in Russia?

If you're a foe, I'd suppose you'd better come-up with a good argument why Freemasonry is healthy and comfortable in democracies, and oppressed in tyrannies (meanwhile other more tyrannical organizations that promote the party line are allowed to persist).

For friends or fellows...when will you guys wake up to realize that Russian Freemasonry is one of the last bastions of strong defence of freedom in that country?

Imagine, whether we like to think in terms of politics or not...Russia would be more democratic, more stable, more integrated into the world without being an "enemy" or loose cannon if the senior government officers and military were Masons.

Russia was at its best with the rest of the world before Catherine the Great destroyed Russian Freemasonry as an influence in Russian government, since her time Russia reverted to tyranny and eventually collapsed under that weight and the modern Russia is what had risen from those ashes.

So let a debate begin on what can be done to support Russian Freemasonry.

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 04:33 PM
Is no one capable of addressing this REAL (not some crappy conspiracy-theory) problem?

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 04:43 PM
Hi FreiMaurer.
You are correct Freemasonry is under attack. I touched on it here:

"....Take a look at Russia today and we see an emergence of the Brown Shirts or Leninists. These people are attempting to resurrect a memorial to their fallen hero. In Lublyanskaya Square, right in front of the headquarters of the KGB, the Felix-Dzerzhinsky Memorial! Whereas the followers of Satan and Lucifer want selfishly for man to have what they have without any consequence, where Sorath is concerned, he brings nothing but suffering to man. If these followers of Sorath should have their way and destroy Freemasonry and Zionism in Russia, there will be a blood bath that will be unprecedented in history! These followers of Sorath advocate racial cleansing to this very day and thus Leninism, the child offspring of both Freemasonry and Jesuitism requires both to survive, yet at the same time, threatens to devour them! This part is very important to keep in mind. Thus the Zionists in Russia are preventing this from occurring whilst at the same time, looting the nation and destroying it in every way economically. We once more have to buy into 2 false choices –either Zionism/Freemasonry or Leninist Communism but the answer is to reject them both.

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 04:56 PM
Let's suppose that we want to protect Freemasonry in Russia today.

The form of evil arising in Russia is so insidious that nothing can counter it. So anti-social are the conditions that are brought about by these followers of Lenin that the French, English, and even the powers in America can find no means to counter it.

If we are to save Freemasonry in Russia, Rome is the only system that is powerful enough to impose a domination-like effect over the Brown-Shirts. The Jesuits and Freemasons want to prevent the plans of Sorath - the Sun-demon. If Sorath succeeds, he will destroy this entire planet and a similar effect will occur as to what happened billions of years ago, when the planet that now encircles the sun (the asteroid belt) was destroyed by the wars between of the Principalities when they were still in the human-like stage.

The Communists are attempting to resurrect the mysteries of the cult of Taotle and must be stopped at all costs.

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posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 05:06 PM
Well I'm going to ignore ideas of sun-demons and look at this pragmatically.

If Freemasonry is to be used as a conduit between West and East and a source of power for Republicanism in Russia - the best method would be for the promotion of secret membership and promotion of hiding the symbolism and adopting a tradition of more carefully confirming and soliciting selectively to possible initiates.

In this manner Freemasonry in Russia may select the best and brightest of Russia, those who usually enter into intelligence or analyst services, those who are in government bureaucracy or in positions of law making.

By putting masons in those roles the flowing tide of tyranny can be abated if not fully reversed, because they can find strength in a populous that is interested in some Democracy at least.

Russians don't want a lack of "power" so doubtfully Russia could become anywhere near as transparent or democratic as much of the West in the short term.

But Freemasonry can be a vanguard against tyranny in that country - if it were promoted as such by the US and Britain.

Mainly because Masons in the US and Britain exist in the levels of government that can be used to actively support a secret society. The CIA and MI6 and other Foreign inteligence agencies could be used to contact members of Masonry in Russia and thus support an underground movement by money, information, and protection.

A concerted effort like this could abate future conflict between the West and Russia. It would be almost impossible to link the key players mentioned earlier through any other means than a philosophically oriented secret society as prestigious as Masonry.

posted on Mar, 6 2007 @ 05:30 PM
Your plan is a good idea and is already somwhat the case. This is why Zbigniew Brzezinski is trying is very best to prevent the banking structure from falling into the hands of the Bolsheviks.

To support Freemasonry, is to support the Perestroika. Yet, to support the Perestroika, is also to lose the hearts and minds of the Russian people. It's a difficult scenario:

Russia is moving into Gold and away from the Perestroika-led US backed banking stucture. Freemasonry and Jesuitsim has been infiltrated by Bolsheviks agents at the highest levels. To win over the Red-Fascists and keep them pro-Western in Russia, the Freemasons and Zionists need to slow down on some of the reproaches they have brought upon the Russian people. The National Bolsheviks are using this as fuel in the fire to win over a greater support.

The Perestroika has in many ways caused the destruction of the land and economy and also they carried out a slow genocide on the Russian people thorugh all different methods. The Bolsheviks will use this to their advantage and try to unite the people against Freemasonry, so the key here is ensure that the reproaches are slowed or stopped.

I hope FreiMaurer, that they catch on before it is too late.

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