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(WHNWC) The Night Auditor Part 2

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posted on Mar, 1 2007 @ 04:59 PM
Estes Park the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park was a beautiful quiet mountain comunity during the winter. Nestled just east of the continental devide the town was wonderfull in the winter months because it did not get as much snow as the rest of colorado would.

The night auditor awoke one evening expecting the same routine as usual. He had at this point been working for months without a day off, and he was getting rather burned out on the job. He had requested from his boss a day off now and again but unfortunately no other person at the hotel would do the night shift because they were afraid of the peculiar activities during the night.

He got ready and headed over to the hotel. His night went rather normally up even to his ritualistic spiritual gathering. However he did not get the chance to finish the conversations with the disembodied members of the staff.

A group of young people walked through the front door to the hotel. They were not the typical group of kids that hung out near the Wheel Bar in downtown Estes Park. These were gothic kids that were from the valley. The night auditor was nursing his usual hangover as the kids approached the front desk.

The leader of these kids was a rather striking young lady. She was short with bobbed red hair wearing the customary garb associated with children of the night. She asked him if they could have a look around the hotel. He agreed as long as they stayed in the lobby and not went upstairs to the guest rooms. The kids agreed and walked around quietly. They were rather respectful of the man behind the desk, something the night auditor was quite pleased to find. He sat in his usual chair and read some interesting fiction online.

After a while the young creatures of the darkness left without much of a commotion. And the night auditor once again waited for the guests checking out that day to awake.

The very next night the young Goth girl once again returned to the hotel only this time she was only accompanied by one other young person. Again they were respectful and looked about the lobby of the hotel and checked out the McGregor room and the pinion and billiard rooms. She eventually walked up to the front desk and started to ask questions.

The night auditor told her that this indeed was an open hotel and if she liked she could actually get a room at the establishment. He even gave her a good rate on the room. She agreed and booked a room for the very next evening. That night she and one of her companions that checked into the hotel walked down to the lobby in rather reviling nigh ties. To question the night auditor further about the history of the hotel

The night auditor obliged them gingerly and told them the memorized tales he had acquired about the hotel that he would give any guest. The young women listened intently at the stories then inquired about any sort of haunting that happened at the hotel.

The night auditor gave his usual response denying any ghostly activities that went on at the hotel. He allowed the young ladies into the bar to smoke with him. Even though it was summertime in Estes Park the temperature would drop considerably once the sun would go down.

The night auditor finished his shift and relinquished his post to the next front desk agent that walked through the door. He went back to his cramped, tiny, dorm room and proceeded to get to his usual level of drunkenness so that he could sleep during the day.

When the swollen headed nocturnal employee of the hotel awoke that evening he once again started his shift with the same air of professionalism as normal. He quickly ran through his usual routine expecting to be able to talk once again with his other worldly friends. As it turned out he would once again miss his regularly scheduled meeting that evening.

To his amazement the young pigment deprived lady was once again standing before him ready to listen to stories. The night auditor tells the young lady that if she liked the hotel as much as it seemed she could work there. The youthful apprentice of darkness asked what she could possibly do at the hotel. The auditor replied “Well you could do this job if you liked, it is obvious that you can stay awake at night and you don’t seem to be frightened by this old building.” The young lady questioned. “I don’t live here, where would I live?” to which the auditor said. “We have employee housing here its cheap and you would fit right in with the rest of the people that live there” The young woman’s eyes lit up with excitement and the auditor handed her an application. She filled it out on the spot and hurriedly returned the document to the man behind the desk.

The auditor told her he would personally speak to his supervisor to ensure that she gets hired and he could arrange to start training her soon. The little pale woman was so excited by this she emitted a tiny “mew” sound from her lips. The night auditor found this a little strange but disregarded it because he had often times came across people with peculiar expressions.

He waited that morning for the management staff to come in and walked into the human resources department. He placed the application on the manager’s desk and pleaded for them to hire the young woman. The manager said she would have to talk with the general manager of the hotel first. The night auditor quickly went to his office and begged and pleaded the manager to take on the young woman as soon as possible. The general manager agreed to employ the young lady and he called the human resources manager and made this happen.

A few days latter while the auditor was busy trying to drink himself into his daily coma he heard a bunch of people start conversing outside his door. The night auditor moved the web cam he had installed above his door using toy model motors to see what the commotion was. It was the young gothic woman with the general manager and the human resources director they were showing her to her new room just down the hall from the night auditor’s door.

Soon after the management staff left the young woman she walked over and knocked on the night auditor’s door. He answered and let the young lady in. His room was decorated as dark as it could be. There were several, layers of black fabric covering the single window so that no natural light would enter. There were numerous tools and weapons attached to the walls. The young gothic girl was impressed and sat down on the love seat that the night auditor pulled out to make his bed. They talked about the job for a while, when the young lady started intermittently turning the light off and on.

After a while of this she would turn off the light to his room then poke him in the ribs tickling the young man. He told her jokingly to quit but she wouldn’t. So at one point when she turned off the light he leaned over and planted a long kiss on her.

So began the summer fling between the night auditor and the young gothic girl.

[edit on 1-3-2007 by whatukno]

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